HD is here!

There’s a new LP here. Although, currently, it’s just a proof of concept. I recorded two HD videos for it before I realized that I really need a laptop to actually do this–as passing through HDMI is lag free–viewing HDMI through recording software is not.

So, here’s a teaser or two for…
Link’s Awakening Switch

Because, OF COURSE, Link’s Awakening would be my first HDVLP.

Two small updates in one!

There is now HD content on my site! Albeit a SD video in an HD wrapper, but HD content non-the-less. Only like 4 years too late to be relevant!

As for the other small update: (Embedded image, for RSS feeds)

It IS a mystery!
Hm, whatever could these two applications mean?

I’m a dick!

Here, let’s tease you some more with a project I’m working on. It’s a small project. Later on, I’ll tease with my XYBER HUGE project, but that won’t be for a long time. Meanwhile, let’s go on and do this thing.

Serious. Business.
What could this be?