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It’s sidequest day! Part one. I’m prolonging this because we’re getting so close to the end of the game. We -might- finish next week at this time. It’s iffy. Depends on how high I want to grind my levels. Let’s get this going.

As you remember, it was time to do things to help set the world right. Let’s bump off two of them right now.

This Nu allows us to name change. I corrected both “Mana ” and “Dave ” to Mana and Dave.

Where’d that come from? And importantly, what is it?

About time. I mean, all we had to do here was revive Dave.

Until the next war.

That was the sapling we saved back in 12000 BC, how Fiona got ahold of it is beyond me.

What is that thing!?!

You said it, Janus.

Defeating it nets this one-liner.


I wonder if he’ll last all 400 years..

WHOA! That wasn’t there before!

Haha, you can’t fool me. I remember the last group of Nuns I ran into.

Hay guyz, let’s build a shrine to this..uh…thing.

That’s why I like my DeLorean.

So, what exactly do people do for a 400 year reunion?

Oh. (Start paying attention to the text now. Even if you have been, pay more attention. This part still makes me wonder.)

Huh? But the gate was RIGHT THERE where he crashed!

Asking the serious questions.

Something wanted to relive its past? But what could be old enough to have a past that far back in time?

Correction: What could HAVE BEEN old enough to be dying in the far future, and wanting to relive a past of epic length?

Now, which of the events that we’ve seen have been sad?

Better yet, who’s wrongs have we been righting?

The end is closer than you think, Mana. OMG SPOILERZ

I bet there is.

Oops. Her bad.

Interesting point Glenn brought up. What could be old enough to experienced all the time periods, recall ‘bad memories’ from them, is on the verge of dying, and has issues with Lavos?

Pleasant thoughts to go to sleep on.

Now, where’s this gate lead to?

“That moment.” What the hell?

990? Ten years in the past..

Now, what was her name again?

I’m not seeing a problem here. Unless it decides to turn on.


L-A-R-A. I thought this was so awesome when I played it the first time. “How did they make it so the buttons spelled her name?”

So..this is what she meant earlier.

There wasn’t one in the first place. She PREVENTED it!

“My” forest. Haha.

Cut it out, Glasses.

Now she can walk!

I don’t know, if I were Toma, I wouldn’t be talking to insane wizard that tried to take over the world.



Because it’s a ghost?


At least we found Cyrus..

Yes, I’m spazzing on the order.

Awesome! I’m sure it’ll be easy to acquire.


Says the dead guy.

Just incase you didn’t know.

What a happy marriage!

Ahhh. Nintendo censoring at its finest. How much you want to bet it’s not ‘Soda’ or ‘sugar’ he’s addicted to. Back in 95 I didn’t notice, or care.

Back in 600.

Busy doing what?

Sure thing.

Awesome, someone knows how to work in this game.

Hurry up. We have a world to save here..

So, we clear the monsters..


A grave. I wonder who it belongs to.


I wonder what that promise was.


Is a pretty cool name when you think about it.

No problem. You wouldn’t believe how he got there, though.

Why’s that, Glenn?

Sorry to say, Janus is about 6 feet away…

I’m thinking Glenn wasn’t to say that, too.

What no. You can’t leave yet!

You what?

No, not cool.

For what?

What about it?

Huh? What’s going on here?

What’s it? What’s going on?

I love Janus’ pose in this picture.

“It’s HOW you use it, not WHO ones it!”

Now they sound like Hippies.


Oh no, not another one!

Oh wait, they just formed back into the sword. I don’t get it.

Meaning that, once again, Glenn has awesome attacks.

Let’s go wallop some things with the improved Masamune.

Yeah, slight difference.

Not longer ruins.

Most awesome!

This is the game’s way of reminding you to get the item in the future, first.

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