The Wii Debate.

Hi, my name is oapboap. And I own a Wii. Like many people who own one, I find the lack of good games for it disturbing. Aside from the playable tech demo, Wii Sports, I own three Wii games:

Wario Ware.
Excite Truck.

Of those three, only two of them use the controller in a non-gimmicky way.

But, Oapboap! The Wii controller IS the gimmic!!!1111~
Yes, using the controller to swing Link’s sword WAS fun at first, it quickly got old, and turned into “waggle the controller = win” instead of “EPIC SWORDFIGHTING!”. Of course, I wasn’t going in expecting 1:1 sword swinging controls, but teasing the motion sensor into thinking you’ve swung takes the fun out of the game. I will admit, using the controller to aim the bow and the clawshot was fun. Don’t get me wrong, Twilight Princess is a must have for the Wii, but the controls just felt slapped on for the swordfighting.

Next comes Wario Ware. While you may think this game uses the controller in a gimmiky fashion, it actually doesn’t. It’s a huge collection of frantically paced five-second microgames. It sounds really stupid in theory, but in doing it’s a great idea. Each microgame uses the controller in a different fashion. You COULD trick the motion sensor into thinking you’ve done the right movement, but looking dumb and having fun go hand in hand in this game. The more people you have, the better it becomes. Also, the very last level of single player is probably the best use of the controller I’ve seen in my collection.

Lastly is Excite Truck. It’s simple, and it’s fun. The intelligent use of the controller helps, too. At first, tilting to turn seems stupid, but eventually it’ll be second nature. The game uses three face buttons for the three different speeds in the game: Stop. Go fast. Go even faster.

Some Third Party developers need to take note and add in intuitive Wii controls besides ‘lol, look it acts like a mouse, lol let’s have it point guys.’

lololol, the grafix sux.
Right now, Twilight Princess is supposed to be the ‘best looking game’ on the Wii. It’s, as far as I know, a bit better than the GameCube version. According to what I’ve read on THE INTERNET, the Wii is supposed to be as powerful as the original XBox. Granted, I’ve never had a XBox, but from what I’ve read and seen, it had some impressive graphics near the end of its lifetime.

It’s still early in the Wii’s cycle, so shitty tossed together graphics are excusable. However, it can’t stay that way for long. Developers need to learn how to push the Wii’s graphics to a higher level, and add in intuitive motion sensing controls that lead to immersive gameplay. Otherwise, the Wii will become “oh, hey that thing with the weird controller that old people like.”

I can feel the internet nerd rage from both sides on my neck. Here’s a happy image for you.


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