Chapter 3, Part 2.

Not to spoil anything, although spoiler warnings for this game are pretty much un-needed, as there’s..what? Five or six versions of this game, and it’s been out for 16 years. Anyhow, not to spoil anything, but this is an extremely good part of the game.

This update contains a 7-minute long video. But, don’t view the video until after reading the update. Because the video is the gameplay behind this update. So, seeing it before reading would spoil the update. See?

Anyhow, let’s do this thing!

“King! I have dire news!” Yang exclaimed while quickly bowing. “What is it, Yang?” “The Kingdom of Baron is on their way to take our crystal of air! A man called Golbez is behind everything!” The king stood. “Truly, sir Yang?” Yang motioned to the rest of us. “These people have warned me about it.” The king looked us over, his eyes stopping at me. “Who exactly are these strangers, Yang?” He’s going to get us all killed! King or no, it’s time to speak. “Begging your forgiveness, majesty, but we don’t have a moment to waste!” I pleaded. “You must tighten the defenses of the castle quickly!” The King hadn’t taken his eyes off of me. “You wear the dark armor of Baron, how can I possibly begin to trust you?!” I don’t have time for this! Yang spoke. “Majesty, you can believe them. They aided me when I was attacked by Golbez’s distraction.” I spoke again. “We can spare no time! It’s over if they bring the Red Wings!” Rosa spoke. “There’s no time for you men to argue, too much is at stake!” This time Edward spoke. “It’s good to see you again, majesty.” “Oh, it’s you, Prince Edward.” Good, maybe the bard can pull the favor before we ALL die. “Majesty, Damcyan was attacked, and the crystal stolen. I lost not only my family, but the woman I loved. Surely you don’t want the same fate to befall Fabul!” The king looked us over again. “A apologize for my misunderstanding. You have convinced me of the danger at hand. Dark Knight, Prince Edward; will you help us defend Fabul on this day?” I nodded. “Of course, you majesty.” Yang spoke. “I can vouch for their skills. They’re all outstanding in a fight. I request that they help me in the front lines.” “Granted, Yang. It’s up to you now.” The king looked to Rosa and Rydia. “Ladies, would you help in healing the injured warriors?” Rosa and Rydia nodded. They’re both very brave. Especially Rydia, considering what she’s been through. “Cecil?” Yang asked. “Are we ready to do this?” “Oh yes.” I started to leave the throne room. “Cecil!” Rosa called. “Take care of yourself, alright?” “Of course. You too, alright. And watch after Rydia, too.”

The air was tense. A great battle was upon us. A week ago, I would have killed the traitor that did this, and now here I am. THE traitor. I wonder who’s coming to kill me? An sentry broke my thoughts. “THEY’RE HERE!” Yang gave orders. “Hurry, meet them! Giving up ground is acceptable, as long as we manage to overcome them!” The troops came. Yang, Edward and myself fought them off. Three more squads took their place. Oh no. I could hear the sound. I was used to the sound. Before I could speak, the sentry did it for me. “The Red Wings!” I looked to Yang. “Yang, we can’t take the airships. We’re a good match for the ground troops, but we cannot defeat the airships.” He nodded. “Quickly, men. Inside the palace.” We blockaded the hall before the throne room. “Cecil, I’m sorry I dragged you into a hopeless war against them.” I shook my head. “This is not just your war now, Yang. It’s become Baron against the entire world! Besides! We haven’t lost yet!” Another squad of troops. They were quickly dispatched. Again, three more took their place. Two warriors of Fabul were quickly killed. “We must retreat once more.” Yang ordered. We were pressed against the throne room doors. “Worry not, Cecil. The king has taken refuge with the women and children.” That’s good. I wonder how Rose and Rydia are doing. “Attract the enemies, men, and…” A squad appeared as Yang spoke. He turned to face them. “SMASH ‘EM!” Again, we quickly dispatched the squad. Again, three more took their place. Edward spoke, a slight tremble to his voice. “We can no longer safely stay here.” Yang nodded. “I agree. We can lock ourselves in the throne room, it’ll buy us some time.” There we were. Boxed in the room. “Lock the door! We must defend this ground no matter what!” “Yang,” I asked, “Where is the crystal?” “In the room behind us, Cecil.” Hearing that, the lone warrior in the room turned and unlocked the door. “What are you doing?! Have you gone mad!?” The warrior turned to us, pulling off a skull cap. He was really a baron soldier in disguise! “Quickly!” We quickly defeated him. Were we too late?

It was the best idea at the time. We needed to defend the crystal no matter what. I finally nodded. “Alright.” We started walking, Yang in front of me, Edward behind me. That’s all we need to do. Defend the crystal. Make sure Golbez doesn’t get it. Edward’s cry suddenly took me out of my thoughts. “No!” I had spun in time to watch him fall. It happened in slow motion. He started falling. The door to the throne room opened. “Edward!” He was closer to the ground. The two Baron soldiers started to approach him. A thud. Edward had hit the ground. The world had went black. I could no longer see what I was doing. The sound of steel echoed from the soldiers. I was quick. My own personal steel was drawn. Clang. I felt pressure on my blade. I had deflected theirs. “Yang. Help Edward! I can only hold back the blades so long.” The world was returning. “Let us help you, Cecil.” Edward’s voice. “Alright.” The three of quickly took down the two soldiers. We headed to the crystal room.

It was a beautiful room. The crystal was safely floating on its podium. “Now we wait.” We stood, waiting what seemed to be an eternity. A familiar shadow was cast into the crystal room. There’s no way. It can’t be! Kain. It was Kain. He was alive. “It’s been a long time, Cecil. A long time since the village of Mist.” If anyone would understand it’d be Kain. I stood in front of my friend. “It’s good to see you! You’re actually alive!” “Yeah.” “Kain, you should fight with us! Your help would be invaluable!” I noticed a small grin from Kain. “Of course. But, instead of with you, Cecil, it’s against you. You know what happens to traitors.” What? Was he serious? “You and me, Cecil. One on one.” “Kain, I refuse!” “Too bad, Cecil!” He leapt at me. I stood my ground, but did not attack. Landing he hit me..with the blunt end of his spear. I fell to the ground, the world was spinning. “I get it now, Kain. You’re under Golbez’s..” “Shut up, traitor. Or else I WILL end your life.” Golbez’s control. It had to be. Kain would never be like this. Yang ran at him. Kain turned his head. “You’d best stop, karate man. His life means nothing to me.” Yang lowered his head. Suddenly a familiar voice. “NO!” Rose. And I bet Rydia’s tagging along with her. Kain turned to look at Rosa. “..Don’t look at me, whore.” That’s it. Traitor or not, I will be after I’m done fighting him. A voice in the hallway broke my thoughts. “Why so upset, Kain? Something bothering you?”

A man clad in the same dark armor as myself. He was tall and very intimidating. Edward broke the silence. “Golbez!” I looked over him. “You must be Golbez, the new commander of the Red Wings.” He looked down at me. “And you must be the one the king mentioned. Cecil. The old commander of the Red Wings. And traitor to the kingdom of Baron. KAIN!” Kain faced him. “Yes?” “You obviously did not preform as expected. We will discuss this later. Take the crystal.” Yang and Edward faced him. “We refuse to let you through. You must go through us to get the crystal.” I could hear Golbez laugh under all of his armor. “Very well, if you do insist.” Raising an armored hand, the room turned green. This can’t be good. A shot of lightning flew from Golbez’s hand, knocking both Yang and Edward to the side. “That’s enough of a demonstration. Now, Kain. Since our friends got out of your way, take the crystal.” “Yes, master.” Master? That’s not like Kain at all. I don’t understand. Rosa stood up. “No, Kain! I refuse to believe that you’d so such a thing.” Kain was speechless. Rose, what are you doing! “Rose! Don’t!” It was too late. Golbez grabbed Rosa’s arm. “So, this girl must be important to you, trait” He paused. “Cecil. So be it! We shall meet again. Your little girlfriend is a token of that promise! Kain, get the crystal and meet me on the ship.” Golbez exited the crystal room with Rosa in tow. I silently watched as the man I once called friend stole the crystal of air. He stopped right next to me. Turning, he looked down at me. “You had a very narrow escape, Cecil. Next time will not be as lucky.” He turned and left the crystal room. This was not supposed to be. Kain. I don’t understand. You spared me, but you seem to be controlled by Golbez. Why? The room slowly went black. One word escaped my mouth before I, too blacked out. “Rose..”

The entire update in video form. I cut the update where the video ends, because it was a damn nice stopping place.

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