Chapter 1, Part 1.

Welcome to my newest installment of the “Let’s Play!” variety. This will probably be the last one I do on this computer, I wanted to do something different. This will be different, that’s for sure. Updates won’t be daily. But, you’ll see why as we go on.

Let’s get this thing started.

This is what’s going to happen. Since I know this game like the back of my hand, and the story’s already great, I’m going to take it and do what the original translators didn’t: Add more feeling and character development. If you’ve never played this game before, the story won’t be clear to you for a few updates; if you have, then enjoy what I’m about to do.

Updates will not be daily, like my previous games, but instead they will be more spaced apart. If you follow it from the start, don’t forget about it. With this one, I really want to know how I’m doing as the game progresses. I want to know how I’m writing for the characters (Don’t critique the style for example, but see if I’m staying within the bounds of the characters.), and if I’m presenting the game’s underlying story well.

Let’s ROLL.

Oh, looky look, a sword for a T, how nice. This will also be the first of two witty comments throughout the entire game. Yeah.

It was just another day in life for most of the citizens of the world. Except for my crew and I. We had a mission. A mission I would soon regret. “How far from Mysidia are we, men?” I asked, a slight tone of regret to my voice. “We’ll be there within the hour, Captain,” Williams had answered, “then we’ll be able to get the crystal.” Wonderful, I thought to myself, perhaps they will be more willing than the last. I passed the time watching the oceans and shores of exotic lands become nothing more than a dot on the horizon.

“Captain Cecil!” one of the crew bellowed, “We’re there, sir!” “Thank you, Jones.” This was it. This was one of the last crystals his Majesty had wanted. I didn’t know why his Majesty wanted them, I just knew it was important for our kingdom to control the crystals. “Be on guard, men, ” I had announced, “although I see no resistance, they had to have known we were arriving. Look out for their Black Wizards, and use force if necessary!” I paused. Force?, I wondered, these people were once our allies, why am I ordering the men to use force? Was I regretting this? Was I thinking about disobeying his Majesty? I am nothing more than a Dark Knight, I must do what I’m told.

The crew had surrounded me. Although I was nothing more than a servant for his Majesty’s wants, I was far more…important than the crew. They were to act as a buffer if things got hostile. “Hand us over the crystal and there’ll be no violence.” I pleaded with the elder. “To you? A dark servant of a corrupt king!? I would rather DESTROY the crystal first!” The elder exclaimed, ordering his small forces to attack. Both the crew and I were trained on what to do next. “Destroy any opposition between us and the crystal, Cecil.” The order lingered in my head. I couldn’t get rid of it. The Black Wizards were first, they had been chanting destruction spells; we couldn’t risk it. The men were quick to attack without order. The lone White Wizard was next. She fell all too quickly.

Without his defenses, the elder was quick to give up the crystal. If he had done this in the first place, there would have been no lives lost today. While we were leaving, I could barely hear something. It sounded like “..pain if you continue this path.” What did it mean? Or, better yet, who were they for? This wasn’t something I’d easily forget. The flight home was a long one. Some of the younger crew members had wondered if what we did was stealing. Older members reassured them that it was not. I, on the other hand, was not so sure about that. Why were we taking the crystals, and what purpose do they serve? My thoughts were soon jostled.

We were being attacked! This was no time to think about the crystals, our lives were in danger! As the highest ranking member of the crew, and a Dark Knight for his Majesty, it was my duty to protect the crew. “Alright, come here you bastards!” I snarled, “I’m the one you want! Not them!” The little diversion had worked. The first was was easily defeated with a simple fire bomb. Quickly, I checked to make sure the crew was alright; before I could get a response another group of monsters had ambushed me. They were quickly dispatched. The rest of the flight was uneventful.

We arrived home before sunset. The king’s assistant, Baigan, met us at the entrance curious as to if we had succeeded or not. “Of course we got the Crystal. The Mysidians posed little resistance to the crew. But why did we..” He cut me off. “Very good, Cecil. If you’ll just follow me,” he asked, but it seemed more like ordered, “you can give the crystal to his Majesty.” He started forward, it was a straight walk to the King’s chambers. Although it was no more than 200 feet, this was one of the longest walks of my life. We stopped in the room before the chambers. Baigan stopped and turned around. “I will inform the king of your success.”

“Please wait here.” With those words he entered the chambers. This was wrong. I could only imagine what they were talking about. “He succeeded, your majesty, but..” Tales of disobedience crossed my mind. Baigan could say almost anything about me in there. Would his majesty believe it? This is taking too long. Way too long. What’s going on in there. Baigan’s words interrupted my thoughts. “You may enter now, Cecil.” How would I explain this, perhaps his majesty would understand.

What is it?, I thought. Just pointless slaughter of innocent people for no reason at all. What, what could I say that wouldn’t brand me as a traitor? “Well, your Majesty,” I thought my next words out carefully, “why are the Red Wings and I gathering the crystals? Why must innocent people be killed for them?” It sounded okay. “Cecil,” he replied, “why must you ask such things?” “Well..” I was cut off by Baigan. “Your Majesty, can you not see that Cecil is being unruly! He can no longer follow your orders! He told me he had let the Mysidian elder live!” The King first looked at Baigan and then at me. “Is this true Cecil?” The tone of his voice told me I was in deep shit. Either way I answered would be the end of me. “Yes, your Majesty. I spared his life. I didn’t see a need for senseless killing.” There was silence. A long, long silence. “I see, Cecil.” The King finally spoke. “You can no longer follow orders. This also means that you can no longer be trusted. As punishment I am stripping you of the title of the Captain of the Red Wings. Also, in order to even be trusted again, you must make a delivery for me. Take the package Baigan will provide you beyond the Myst, to the village to the north.” I hung my head, this was going to be my fate.

It was Kain. My best friend. Sometimes I think of him as my only friend out here. “Cecil did no wrong! If he would have killed the elder, that would have been grounds for war! We could have lost all of our crystals!” How much of this did Kain hear? I should speak up, otherwise, he’ll lose his position as the Captain of the Dragon Knights. The King replied before I could speak. “If you think so highly of him, and trust him so much, then YOU shall accompany him, Kain.” What’s going on, this is really not like the King. “That’s acceptable.” Kain replied. Kain and I headed to the hall. “Sorry about that, Kain. You shouldn’t have gotten involved.” He grinned. “Don’t worry about it. I think what I said gave you a few bonus points. I’m sure once you finish this, you’ll be the commander of the Red Wings once again.” I could only hope so. “I’m going to go get some rest, Kain. I’ll see you in the morning before we head off.” “Alright, Cecil. Oh, by the way, Rosa was looking for you.” Rosa. She must have been worried. “Thanks, Kain. I’ll look for her.”

It didn’t take long to find her. She found me. I guess she must have ran into Kain a few moments ago. “Cecil! I was so worried about you! What happened? Did you get hurt!?” I simply took her hand. “I’m fine. Everything went fine.” I didn’t sound like myself, I knew she could tell. “Okay, Cecil, if you say so.” She saw right through it. Before I could open my mouth to speak once again, she started speaking. “Can I see you later on tonight?” “Yeah, tonight. I’d like that.” “Alright, Cecil. Take care.” She turned and went back up the stairs. What will I tell her? What CAN I tell her? Sighing I headed out the door. It was going to be a long night, I could tell.

“YO! CEESE!” A deep voice broke the silence of the castle. It was Cid. I didn’t want to deal with Cid right now. He’s a bit, how should I put it, energetic. “Oh. Hey, Cid.” I nodded. “YO! HANG ON, CEESE! I’LL BE RIGHT DOWN!” Oh god in heaven, please let the door be bolted. I don’t want to do this right now. Alas, it wasn’t. The crazy bearded man appeared behind me, slapping my back. “Ceese! How’d you do today, ese?” I couldn’t even open my mouth. “I hope you and your goons didn’t wreck my ships up something awful.” “My..what?” I thought for a second. Perhaps we are just goons. “Of course not, Cid. I know how you think of your ships.” He grinned, this time slapping my shoulder. “I love my daughter almost as much as I love my ships! I will personally have your ass if something happens to either!” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. “Oh, hell! I’ve got to go! I’ll see you later, Ceese!” “Yeah, bye.” I was glad to be rid of him. I headed up to my room in peace.

I couldn’t sleep. There were too many thoughts in my head. What happened to the King? I don’t understand it. Why must we steal the crystals? Why must innocent people die for the crystals? NO MORE! I will NEVER steal from or kill an innocent person! Even if ordered! I turned on my side. There was Rosa, how long had she ben there? “Cecil? What happened today?” I had to tell her. “In Mysida, we had to steal the crystal from innocent people. The crew killed some of them. I was powerless to do anything.” I paused. “I am nothing more than a Dark Knight that is too afraid to disobey the King!” She struck me. “The Cecil I know wouldn’t whimper and cower like a baby! He would do something.” I couldn’t answer, she was right. “You’re going to the village of Mist tomorrow, aren’t you? I don’t know what I’d do if anything were to happen to you!” I hopped out of my bed. “Don’t worry, Kain is coming along as well. It’s getting late, Rosa. I should try and get a little rest before I have to go.” She nodded. “You’re right, Cecil. Please take care, and come back, okay?” I nodded. She turned and left. Thank you, Rosa. For everything. Still, I am nothing more than a Dark Knight…

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