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So, as you may have noticed; I like playing me some vidja games. I also like MY IPHONE. And lord knows that I just love the jRPG (even though I only have all of..three point one featured on my site), especially Final Fantasy. How I love me some Final Fantasy. Like, every single game from Final Fantasy IV on I absolutely love. In fact, I flip flop on which is my favorite at the moment. And if that’s not enough, I actually want to sit down and REPLAY some of them, up to and including FFX. Number 10 was the last one I seriously replayed until FF XII hit, but F that game. Then came number XIII and LIGHTNING-SAMA. Number 13 was fun, but it was like BEAUTIFUL CORRIDOR SIMULATOR 2010–holky fuck is that game really 5 years old.

Okay, I went on a tangent. My first article is about a game called Final Fantasy Record Keeper (that’s two separate links, one for iOS and one for Android).

The Basics
(I’m making these sections up as I go along. Janky as fuck, sorry. Plus, I’ve been drinking.)

So, your Player Character, Tyro (or whatever you name him/her) is in this place that contains paintings that are about the “Stories of Legend”, or something. Fuck if I can remember. Then PLOT happens. And then you’re tasked to enter the realms and fix shit. Along the way you pick up characters from all the various realms. And level. It’s based on a jRPG, after all, and grinding is the king in those games.

Game Type
FFRK is a F2P (free to play) game, based on stamina/energy levels. However, unlike most F2P’s, you don’t have to spend :20bux: to even have a chance to win! It’s like DeNA looked at the market and said “FUCK THAT SHIT, WATCH THIS, BITCHES!” and gave us–literally–the best F2P game ever.

In the game, there’s three types of currency. Gil, Mythril and Gems. Gil you get just for being in battles, and you buy upgrades with it. Pretty easy. Then, as you fight your way through the various paintings in the various realms, you gain a one-time prize called Mythril. You can spend this Mythril on refilling your stamina if you don’t have enough (don’t), or healing your party between battles in the level (don’t), or saving it and spending either 5 Mythril on a rare relic draw (3-5 stars(do this)), or 50 Mythril on an 11 pull rare relic draw (do this). The game has IAP in the form of gems, which serve the exact same purpose as Mythril. To put this in perspective, the 11 pull costs 50 Mythril or 3000 gems–3100 gems costs ~$29.00 US dollars. You’re also given one free draw per day (rarity 1-5*), as well as two Mythril every 10 days–as of right now.

After that paragraph, Mythril doesn’t even look like a real word anymore.

The game is all battles, with history lessons about the various Final Fantasy games strewn about as you finish a painting.

Why This Game Works
Simple. The goddamned name Final Fantasy. I usually never buy IAP, but I’ll be fucked if I haven’t spent :20bux: :10bux: on this game as I’m writing this. This game rewards that section of the brain that loves seeing things get better, and DeNA knows this. Plus, like I said: Final Fantasy. Literally everyone that loves the series and has a smartphone will get this game and spend real world monies on it somehow. It scratches that nostalgia itch too damned well.

Closing Thoughts
This game is literally “MY FANFICTION” in action. Observe:

Sephiroth, Paladin Cecil and Dark Knight Cecil fight in a Final Fantasy VII event.  I'm pretty sure I wrote something like this when I was 18.
Sephiroth, Paladin Cecil and Dark Knight Cecil fight in a Final Fantasy VII event. I’m pretty sure I wrote something like this when I was 18.

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