Parasite Eve: Page 11

Welcome to the next part of Day 5. It doesn’t contain THE reason, but it is building up to the reason. It’s also rather short, too. But since I still have a bunch of images to weed through, it might be just about right.

Anyhow, let’s do this.

Day 5: Evolution, part 2.

Let’s roll. I know I’ve been waiting for this.

Find Mr. Wizard, arrest his ass, and be home in time to catch X-Files. This is 1997, after all.

Could it be!?!

Well, all SEEMS well. Let’s figure out where white figure went.

I wasn’t quick enough. White figure locks that door. WHEN SUDDENLY!


Good question, girl. Another good one, is why didn’t they attack the mysterious white figure?


Oh, fuck me. And fuck this.

I’m sure this is safe.

Now I’m protected from the N. Which is worse than the Q.


Quiz time! Do you know the answer?
HINT: Not being pointed at.

Boat! I swear, if there’s a water segment coming up, someone’s dying.

Obviously I can’t go that way.

WHEN SUDDENLY! (The screen shakes)

Where’d all the broken rocks come from?

Aw hell naw!

Of course.

QUIZ TIME! Do you know the answer!
PROTIP: It was in one of the walls of science. Also, not selected.

Well, fuck.

This must have been where the rocks and the bug things came from.

As much as I want to go down (giggity!), going up is the natural choice.


The human body is gross.

Apparently, everything, including dinos, fish, dogs, gigantic ears and humans originated from the same thing. Take THAT creationists!

QUIZE TIME! DO you know the–aw screw it.
PROTIP: Answer selected.

This is at least better than putting a small stream, at tree stump, or a foot tall rock in her path.

OH SHIT! (Not pictured. Actually fighting the Pterodactyl.)

Fuck fuck fuck.

Her powers of deduction are excellent. She could probably catch Carmen Sandiego!

Do you see what I see?

This will only end well, I can tell.

Aya is part Ninja.

At least now I have my bearings. That’s Mr. Wizard’s office.

Where could this go!

So, we deactivate it.


*insert MGS_Found.wav here* This is our stopping point. You can absorb this and prepare, because…

Next Update: THE UPDATE! (For sure, this time!)

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