Chrono Trigger: Page 19

Well, what can I say? We’ve gone this far, let’s do this.

It was time. Dave knew he had to, once again, save the world. Not from a menace known as Metal Gear, but from an intergalactic being known as “Lavos”. A being that has robbed the planet of its vitality for well over 65 million years. Cigarette and SOCOM ready, Dave and his crew plunge into the unknown…

Is this the true form of Lavos? Can we go for it?

Nor will Dave. Let alone the entire planet!

Hells yeah.

Odd. It slightly resembles us..

It’s taking the best characteristics and making a super being?

Stop talking to yourself, Mana.

But not yours.

GB2 Wherever you came from!

Let’s wallop some Lavos.

As you progress throughout the battle, the background color starts to change, and Lavos warps throughout time.

Fuck yeah!

Was it all a dream? This is familiar.

Is it the good kind, or the bad kind? ‘Cause I don’t get up before noon for the bad kind.


ogodogodogod, tell me this is all just another bad dream!

Pleasebeadream, pleasebeadream.


C’mon, Mana, try something!


My thoughts, exactly.

Because we’re awesome.

Yeah, but your knights could have seriously handled it!

Just doing my part to ensure we’re all born human.

Seriously, Dave, this is a dream. Come on, you can wake up.



You’re telling me the whole game revolved around Mana’s family line?

Damned straight.


Nice special effects!

That sounds kind of fun, actually.


Good thing we saved her, so she wouldn’t be so demanding.

“Tee hee, I know the kid that saved the future.”

How much you wanna bet that it’s not ‘Lemonade’.

Sure thing!

The’s still there.

NO! Don’t say that!


Not cool!

No, bad. I was just getting used to you guys.

I guess they have to.

Now, what could he mean by that?

What as that all about?

We gots to go, else Mana won’t be born.

Wait, what’s that supposed to..


Short and to the point. The Janus way.

Now, just think about it for a minute.

We’ll be the only ones who remember him.

Or, something like that.

I don’t think REX is too sure of that.


We’ll have to take a trip.

Yep, that’s the one.


No way, I’m anxious to see the new future.

Hey, it’s Dave’s cat.

Oh, shut up.

Uh. Wait. This means only one thing.

What, say that again!


On second thought, let’s dismantle that time machine.

W-hat!? I think Bulma was supposed to speak that last line, instead of Mana talking to herself.

Hurr hurr hurr.


Is it something useful?



Tabin’s had a little too much ‘lemonade’.


You produced an awesome game. Let it be known that it’s being enjoyed 11 years later.

Thanks, you three for directing a masterpiece.

Hey, it’s the DBZ guy. No wonder Dave had the constant SSJ look.

You two supervised awesomeness.

The two greats at Squaresoft.

Awesome program.

The sounds made the game, too.

You made some awesome sounds for the SNES.

Thank you for pushing the SNES and making excellent art for the game.

Your story may be a bit cliche, but it hasn’t been beat yet.

Thanks for planning the events.

Thanks for planning the field.

You guys thought up a good battle plan.

You guys programmed one of the best battle systems ever. Be proud.

To be honest, your world map needed more places to explore.

Your menus worked quite well!

The future is bright!

So’s the far far past!

Seems as though Glenn regained his knighthood.

Will Janus ever find Schala?

Excellent visuals.

You guys did some boss effects.

I think these were the people responsible for the excellent locations in the game.

Thanks for the awesome characters.

You guys made some awesome looking SNES baddies.

You guy’s map needed more to explore.

Thanks, guys.

Look, it’s our home!

I wish I was a test player.

Gots to respect your system admins.

I wonder what all these people did.

Say good night, Dave.

Good night, Dave.