Final Fantasy V: Page 10

I guess this is where we gotsta go.


What the hell is going on?


What a dick.
This is one of two Final Fantasy villains that managed to change the face of the world.

Okay, game over. Who wants some drinks?


Look. Boats.

They’re people who should have died several times over by now.


:lol: :rolleyes:

K. Let’s go chillax, guys. This will be over soon enough.

Yes. There’s a reason for this. You’ll see.

So, you guys caught the retard, too?

(Clash on the Big Bridge) Huh? (Also, begin rocking the fuck out. This is the last chance to hear it ingame.)

Let’s kick their asses!

Sometimes I like to sit here and let the bitchin’ music loop.

The music makes this better. Really.

Too bad the best track in the game is only played twice.

Is that..?

LOL, WHAT? Giglamesh is awesome. Imagine a grown adult saying that shit. Paired with this music.
This line better be in FFVA.


We see who our first target is, then.

But. Before we continue, let’s look at this from Gilgamesh’s angle.

!? is right, Gilgamesh.
Wow, white mage Pink just got a lot hotter. And dancer Butte a lot gayer.
If someone could translate the squiggly moon language, that’d be great.

I can just imagine Gilgamesh’s thoughts right now. And they’re probably a bit more than ‘!?’.

Seriously. Comic relief. I can stop saying it.

Well, hell.

Aw. No more Gilgamesh. =[

Soon to be no more Galuf, either.

Dragon to the rescue.

Hrm. What’s going on here.

And where does this lead?

What the hell?

BRILLIANT! Can you be in our party?

You already said that.

In this game, we have no respect for the bad guy’s property.

Even if it’s not the plan, let’s do it anyway. Blowing things up is fun.

Alright. Also, image 1337 itt.

Yes, I can! Thank you, Verison!

Are you ready to BLOW SOME SHIT UP!?

Comic timing.

Can do!

Ready to blow shit up, at your word.

Can do!

What in the hell?

Three words: Fuck this guy.

HELLS YEAH! Blowing up things RULES!

Oh fuck.

Let’s hurry, guys.

Galuf sees through the lies.


There’s always a chance.

Dammit, dude, the tower’s going to blow.

“Because nothing bad ever happens to the main characters.”

What on earth is that line supposed to mean?

DAMNIT! How many more good people must be slaughtered for us to win!? SQUARE!

Help what?

In case you missed it, Butte knocks Galuf the fuck out. Then drags him and jumps to the dragon-thing.

Alright, mang. We’ll get some 40’s to pour out in a second.

Bye bye, Barrier.

Dude, shut up.

Pour out your 40’s, brothers and sisters. We lost us a good one.

Oh, hey, I completely forgot about that.

Yes. So more innocents can be slaughtered, right Square?

Galuf’s allowed to be sullen and EMO right now, he just lost his old friend.

Time to head for that dot we’re near.

No, really, next time, you’ll find out what Guido has to say.

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