Four Swords Adventures

Hello! And welcome to filler content! Well, not really. This is a good game, and I did tease about it back in 2008. As it is now the future (2013 as of publishing), I figure it’s time to do this thing.

FOUR SWORDS ADVENTURE is a neat little Zelda game on the GameCube where you could play with up to three of your friends at once. Assuming that you:

  1. Had three friends with GBAs and a GBA yourself.
  2. Those three friends had the connector cable from the GBA to the GCN.
  3. Those three friends wanted to play with you.

After that, it was a four-player Zelda adventure! Okay, it was a little convoluted, but it was a fucking multi-player Zelda game. You could co-op or troll, the game was designed to both reward the team and the individual; quickly turing a team of friends into “FUCK YOU, IT’S MINE!”. Or so I think.

My tale with the game is a bit different. While I have friends, not too many had a GBA, and of those that DID, a small percent of them had the cable. SO, regardless to say, I never experienced the multiplayer aspect of the game. That’s fine, the adventure mode is the same, regardless of the amount of people playing. One person could control any* Link they wanted. One person could complete the game if the wanted to. And they should. Because it’s probably one of the best sprite-based Zelda games ever released. I may sound old, (I am old) but, fancy 3D shit doesn’t have to make the game. Sometimes it needs to be something fun. And since it was sprites, and it was a GCN, the N could put in some special effects into the game never-before-seen in a 2D Zelda game ever. It was a treat to the eyes. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a great hidden gem in the pile of Zelda gems.

*Defaults to green Link.

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