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The 732 screenshots I mentioned? I condensed them down to 190; 160 of them you’ll actually be seeing. There’s six very important animated gifs in this update. They’re huge, the hugest one is just shy of 200 frames. I’d call these ‘cut scenes’. Oh, and there are massive spoilers coming up. If you haven’t played the game through once, and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading right now. However, I feel it’s stupid to issue a spoiler warning on an eleven year old game.

If you remember last, we had discovered that the Guru of Life was none other than the man who fixed the Masamune, Melchior! How does he live back here, and in 1000 AD? Regardless, we were given a task. That is to destroy the Ocean Palace and the Queen along with it.

Forgive the shitty chop, I did it in under 5 minutes.

Learning the Nu’s scratch point nets you this. There’s a reason for everything in the game.

I seriously, highly, doubt that.

I really hate Dalton. But he’s such a great comic relief.

The prophet doesn’t make mistakes, remember? That’s how he earned the Queen’s trust!

Run away, you freaking pansy.

Oh, this is just great.

This isn’t a ‘good scary’ is it?

Stand up for yourself once in awhile, Schala! Who knows what you can change!

There’s something strange about the prophet. Like he’s worried about Schala. can they be counting on me? I don’t get it.

I still can’t tell if he’s a good guy or a bad guy yet. He is worried about Schala, though.


What’s with this woman, anyhow? How did she change?

Press the switch, and nothing happens.

Throw the lever, press the switch…nothing happens.

Throw the other lever, press the switch, and…


There you go again, Dalton. Having the Golems do all your work for you.

There’s an easy way to win this. Protip: Equip armor that absorbs a certain element, and use NOTHING BUT that element.


I’d say it was a stroke of good luck.

I got a bad feeling about this, too.

Dalton excels at running away.

So, uh, is this good at this point of the game?

We can’t turn back. Not now.

Join the winning team!

Funny, Bulma.

Time to go after that witch mother of hers!



Masa…Mune..? What in the hell is going on here!?!

Not just ANY sword! Dave is responsible for creating the Masamune!! HOW!?!

There’s something wrong. Something really wrong. I don’t even want to know.

OH SHIT! (This is a scripted loss the first time through the game.)

Well, hell. That’s not the way to save the future.

The Prophet? What’s he doing here?

Waited for what, Lavos to show up? Why?

MAGUS!?! How did he have future knowledge of Zeal’s events? And WHY was he so worried about Schala!? Unless..

Huh? ‘Long ago’? Uh, 600 AD is not that ‘long ago’.


Listen to Schala for once.

Get away from where?


This can be anything but good.

The darkness? Aren’t you just a crazy wizard?

Oh yeah. Time to kick some Lavos ass.

This has been building for years, I can tell.



What a bitch. Damn. I hope we get the chance to kick her ass.

What’s this beam doing? Reviving us?

It looks like it did. What’s going on here?

I got a better idea: Shooting you down with a Stinger Missile, or five.

Why is he so concerned about Schala..?



I thought you were an insanely powerful wizard!

Why did he have to do that!?

You should have pegged the queen with your SOCOM.

That’s going to be pretty hard to do.

Now, just wait a second..!



The next five gifs need to be watched in the proper order. They will be numbered, Watch one, then go to the next.






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