Final Fantasy V: Page 5

Not much to do or say here, so let’s just get to the good stuff.

Cid needs to chillax and be more like Galuf, or–lord forbid–Butte.

I like to elongate voweeeeeels, too!

Keep drinking. Those problems will soon go away!




We fight random pages of books. All are base 8.

I wonder what retard boy is going to do.

I like swords!

I like swords!

Hm, a book. Too bad Butte can’t read. Perhaps it’s a picture book.

I wonder what the sealers thought. “Hay guys, let’s put the fire beast inside this BOOK! :v:” “Gud idear!”

Another test? You better be hotter than Shiva, and in less clothing.



Butte: I like swords!
Ifrit: For the love of fucking GOD! I should have stayed in that book.

That’s what I thought, bitch.

Thanks, Han.

Another book monster. It had some long death speech about how its master would still be released, or something. I didn’t care, because it was not dying and my party was standing there looking at it like a bunch of retards–oh.

What are you reading? XXX-White mages play with staves? Can I see it?

My party rules. They aren’t taking this shit seriously.

Yeah, uh, about that.

“Hi, my name’s Cid, and I’m a raging alcoholic.”

Okay, Mid rules too–he slapped the fuck out of Cid until he sobered. He’s welcome in the party, he could replace Butte.

“Yah, I read it for the articles, too.”

Sure. What could happen?

Not taking it seriously. Love these people.

Oh no. Flashback in 3..

This was triggered by the scene with Mid, that they chose to repeat, even though we saw it less than two minutes ago.

I think he was trapped in a flashback there, kids.

Damn, they rule.

So basically, this shit happened 30 years ago, minus the crystals shattering?

So, that’s the real reason that the crystals are so important. Yeah, we’re kind fucked right now.

I’ve been by there many times. There’s only one of those rock things left.

Looks like our bad guy is revealed.

They say this like they expect something to happen.

Maybe you should let Faris handle this, Butte. She is a Pirate Captain right now.

That lone town WAY over there.


Game over, man, game over.



You’re lucky we can’t kill NPCs.

Oh no.

(Piano Lesson 4) Please n–hay, wait. That’s kinda good.

Fuck yeah.

Too bad bards are worthless. Thankfully it’s not a job.

I guess that’s where I should go next.



Damned observant.

Obviously not. Why are they getting more retarded as the game goes on?

Awwwwww yeah.


She SMACKS the Chocobo. Fucking awesome.

“You know, Faris, you shouldn’t treat the choco–SHINY!”

Fucking genius.


I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that.

Oh, fucking man up.

(Mambo de Chocobo)

The bird screams pimp.

Are they listening to themselves?

I guess that’s where we go next.

Yes, let’s.

“I’m almost worthless.”

“I’m completely worthless. Unless you know how to use me.”

What will happen next?

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