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We’re going to embark on one of the must have RPGs for the SNES. This was one of the biggest and prettiest adventures released on this side of the Pacific. It would later on have two sequels, one released in Japan called “Radical Dreamers”, a sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ starring Serge, Kid and who’s supposed to be Magus. The other, called “Chrono Cross” was released everywhere, and the first chunk of the game was a creation of Radical Dreamers. It didn’t go over as well as Chrono Trigger, but that’s alright. I’m sure you’re done reading and ready to watch and interact.

We’re just setting up the whole idea that it has “Chrono” in the title, there’s gonna be something with time here.

I’d say something made 11 years ago has aged fairly well.

I like to plan my stuff out here. I don’t think I’ve ever played CT in ‘Active’.

Default? How about no. If you claim a character, you’re limited to five characters. So, what did I name our hero?

Here’s our little town, called “Truce”.

We call our heros “Dave”. There’s nothing wrong with ‘Dave’ as a hero’s name; just ask Solid Snake.

I don’t wanna, I mean it’s only noon.

Ahh! The sheets, they do nothing!

Actually, I had a wild dream about saving the free world. There was this guy named ‘Hal’, and he liked anime, and there was a ninja thing, and..

I see that you don’t care.


Goddamn feline.

Wait. What? I don’t associate myself with inventors.

This would work better if she had lavender hair.

Hopefully it’s not like the last one. I still have the scars..

Ca$h for the cash gods!

RPG Rule number 1: You can freely walk into people’s houses and they will not care.

I’m sure we’ll never have to meet this daughter. Haha, Dave and a princess.

Rite, homie. That’s what she said last time.

Let’s think about this. Have you ever been happy enough that you wanted to scream? I can’t think of any situation where I was happy enough to want to scream.

RPG Rule 2: You never need to buy supplies, unless the story warrants it.

Hurrr. He am fune!

My sarcasm meter doesn’t work this early. I’ll have the special. And dessert.

RPG rule 3: Heros can be stupid and still save the world.

Basically a building I don’t need.

Anything that’s not nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry loose is not nailed down.

RPG Rule 4: Most items can be easily acquired through innocents and battle.

Oh. Alright.

There is only one important person in this room. Can you find that person?

Sure, why not.

We found the important one!

Goddamned loners.

Sup? Anyone here?

Devious thoughts would never cross Dave’s mind in this situation.

Oh. Note her name. It will be important later.

I walked all the way to the southern continent.

How sad, indeed. I’m sure that someone at least tried in the past, right? (No, not yet)

Haha, no.

Have another glass pal.


You should go, too. I hear it only happens once every 1000 years.

Oh, cry a little bit more. In fact, I’ll go get the Whambulance. And a Whamburger with some French Cries.

The last one had free stuff, so this one must, too!

I blame the new fangled rock and roll music they listen to!

What Gen-Xers.

How about no. In fact I’ll tell you where you can stick that 10 G. (Oddly, you can sit and do this for DAYS and he won’t run out. It’s good to cheap cash.)


RPG Rule 5: It may be in her room, but now it’s mine.

I bet these got GOOD stuff in ’em!

Funny what people leave lying around.

I suppose we can advance the plot now.

Not pictured: Running idiots.

Haha, funny. There was a blonde in Dave’s dream, too. She called herself “Wolf”.

What a dream date here.

Is for horses. Your point?

Well, you know. Maybe if you weren’t running around and not looking where you were going..

Ye–no, wait. Actually, I’m not.

What’s that over there?

DECISION TIME! I froze the game at this point, for the upcoming trial. There’s two ways to go. I can either be a saint to the girl, or be a downright dick. The things I can do wrong are as follows: Grab the pendant before talking to her. Eating the Old Man’s lunch. Trying to sell the pendant. And finally dragging her away from the candy counter. I can do all those and get a 7-0 ruling for Guilty. If I don’t do those, and return the little girl’s cat, then I can probably get a 7-0 or 6-1 ruling for innocent. So, what does Dave do?

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