The Majora’s Mask Drinking Game

One Syp :ireland:
Putting on the wrong mask
Referencing another game
Each use of the Inverted Song of Time
“Actual Hardware” References (Better than the Wii version, etc.)
Retarded Game Mechanics
Computer Chat
Cat Chat
Phone interruptions
Per two people in the Bomber’s Notebook
Every completed entry in the Bomber’s Notebook

Two Syp :ireland: :ireland:
Not calling the game Majora’s Mask
Zelda Chat
Internet References
“…Metal Gear.”
“This is a children’s game”
Each use of the Song of Double Time
Gay time

Three Syp :ireland: :ireland: :ireland:
Trainwreck level
Resetting time before Night of Day 3
Making fun of the characters
Shut up, this is serious
_______ is the best mask in the game.
Car chat

Finish yo drank :dominic: :dominic: :dominic:
Boss Battles
Not using the most efficient ways of travel, once available

Pour a new drank and finish it :fry: :fry: :fry:
Goron Race attempts
Getting spotted in the pirate fortress
______ is/are magical.

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