Let’s have a beginning. A start, if you will.

Radar Love.

It’s a good song. It happens to be playing when I decided to write this blolg entry. So, like over half the internet WARNING: FACT MADE UP! is doing, I decided to add a touch of personal flair to oapboap.org. Most of the INTERNET SUPERSTARS have a ‘blog’ where they write boring shit about their daily lives, and people seem to gobble it up like candy, or whatever it is that you like. Make your own metaphor. OGOD I just used a big word.

So, I think to myself: “Self, how can we make oapboap.org even better?” Naturally, I drew a blank, and defaulted to the comedy “I know, let’s put a BLOG on the site, it is powered by wordpress after all!”. I tried to jab that thought out with a goddamned Q-Tip with no avail. So, then I think “Well, I’ll put it there, but there’s NO WAY that it’s going to touch the front page. The front page is sacred, and I don’t touch it.”

Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s called a blolg. Perhaps not. Perhaps you don’t care. Perhaps you’re already sick of these spoiler tags and want to kill me off. Whatever, that’s cool. I’m going to tell you, anyhow. Because I love to type. Typing is such an expressive medium for me.

I love my dick, too.

Er, wait. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes. Loving. And typing. Nothing about cock there, no. Anyhow, typing be an expressive medium for me. Be it doing a “Let’s Play!” or typing up an entry for the front page.

Wait, why am I not putting this on the front page, I mean really? At least then it’d be CONTENT! People like content on the internet, right? Or do people just dig sites with AWESOME GRAPHICAL INTERFACES and little content? An answer would be awesome.

Anyhow, I’ll be done with this, since I just wanted to post to get the ball rolling.


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