The Kitchen

Hey, kids. Oapboap here. You know who the fuck I am; you may or may not know what I do to pay for college. You just know I have the following:

An awesome voice.
Ability to play video games for the internet.
A sense of humor.

You may not know that I pretend to be a cook five days a week; and I pretend to get paid for being a cook. Yes, doing one of the lowliest of lows helps me fun college. It also pays my bills and keeps alive and ticking to provide YOU with countless minutes hours of entertainment. I suppose I can share what it’s like to work in absolute hell. And, now, I’m not being sarcastic, as usual. Well, okay, somewhat sarcastic.

DISCLAIMER: I will update this shit as I see fit. There is no schedule, like my Weely Wacky Wednesday, which went to hell. It’s when I want to.
DISCLAIMER 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: These are my views, but if you live near me, please actually take them to heart. If you’re nowhere near me, then just laugh.


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