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Part two. There are a LOT of images, 5.3 MB worth, and it’s dialogue heavy. But, it’s oh, so worth it.

As you remember, we were left at a decision. The decision was made to be a saint, and that’s how I play anyway. So, let’s see where today takes us.

Yeah, I lost something important too. (We’re checking on her before picking up the pendant.)

Things like this generally are the first things to get lost.

Sure! (Returning the pendant to her without running off.)

Why not. It’s kind of sad the Dave went to the festival alone, anyhow.

Haha, they all say that at first.

Does everyone have memory problems around here? (OMG SPolierz!! She’s actually Princess Nadia. This is the reason why she didn’t know, she had to quick think a name.)

RPG Rule 6: I make your name. You answer to it.

A name means nothing on a battlef–aw, screw it. Dave, my name is Dave.


Ignoring the tempting lunch.


Cats don’t follow too well.

Two years ago I was saving the world from my twin brother, and now I’m saving a cat!?

That’s one word for it.

Translation: You haven’t tried everything that could get you convicted.

He remembered his name! He must not be important. At all.


It’s like you’re trying to get me arrested here.

Wonderful. Where’s my smokes?

Translation: You can advance the plot now.

Nothing important will happen there.

Wait, what? No.

Final chance to be convicted.

Can we advance this yet?

Maybe even the decade!!

The last girl with glasses injected me with something called FoxDie.

Nice to see you too. Can I bum a smoke?

You act like you haven’t seen me for a year.

There’s probably a perfectly good reason for this. I just don’t want to hear it.

Wait, I never signed up for this!

Your left, my left; the other left? (The other left leads to doomsday.)


Is there an echo in here? Also, way to boost your daughter’s self esteem here.

Try to cover it.

After shooting down a Hind-D in a snowstorm, I’ll pass. She might, though.

I understand the female mind quite well!

You know, we ran into each other. And then did whatever it is when people run into each other.

Unless the machine blows up.

Or a hole rips open in the Space-Time Continuum. The chances of that happening are next to nothing, though.

Why are they questioning if she’s gonna come back?

It should be done now.

Don’t tell me, 1.21 jiggawats.


Listen, echo was awesome when we were three, but you can kindly stop it now.


Not good.


Good question, chief.

Good idea, get rid of them after they see her disappear!

You just asked that!

It was probably her pendant, or something.


What’s this ‘we’ stuff. I work alone.

More princess setting up-age.

I got a good idea.

Oh, there’s other choices, but this one is the most obvious.

I plan on it. Can I have a SOCOM, too?

Be sure to hurry up. As much as I do enjoy hopping into swirly portals, I want some backup. Besides, you still have the SOCOM


Stepping into the unknown.

Battle demo.

Can other people just not see these?

You can actually select what battles you want to do.

This seems quite familiar to Dave.


Mmm, pie.



“The” Magus.

If you ever need to contact me, my frequency is 141.80.

Do you have a twin brother named Tabin?

People WORK!?

I happen to know someone like that. You people are strange.

Four-hundred years, in the past? What the hell?

You can do this once per forest trip.

Maybe someone here can help me.

Uh, not here.

That voice is familiar.


She looks a little familiar.

Yeah, well, there’s something odd about you, and..uh..stuff.

Scream at guards count: 1.

Haha, what now?

Too familiar.

When they act different, it’s time to get rid of them.

What’s WITH you people?

One-track mind here.

KID? How many times have you saved the free world? What’s that? Zero? Shut up.

Well, first of all, you… Aw, screw it.

Look, it’s Goldyarmor again. I didn’t mean to strap C4 to the nurse. It just sorta happened..

Oh, uh, ignore that.

Good help didn’t even exist when it was supposed to! “Back then..”

Dave mumbles something about rations and a cardboard box. Sadly, they couldn’t hear him.

GOD. You two fight worse than some brothers I know.

Other men would crumble at this thought. Dave, however, just wants a smoke and a neck to snap.

You look familiar. I, uh, never forget a lady.


You should get those looked at.

Haha, take off the disguise, Meryl.

Why? Do you look like her, or something?

That’s what Daves do.

No problem! But how’d you get out the..

Oh no. Not again..

What am I supposed to do!? The last time this happened, you ended up here!

Bewildered, Dave realizes this is the first time he’s seen this; and now needs a smoke.

Now what? Dave’s only connection to his time has just left, and he’s stranded here. Not to mention that it looks like he ‘misplaced’ the Queen. What will happen next? Will I make more MGS references? Will we get further than 30 minutes of gameplay?

Find out, next time.

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