Waiting for a load.

So I’ve been sitting in Springfield, MO at my company’s main terminal, since Friday.  I came into the yard Friday afternoon, after cutting one of the truck’s steer tires in Florida.  Saturday and Sunday I waited for a load.  Sunday night, however, my apu’s generator decided to crap out so back to the shop.  Well, its almost Tuesday now.  Actually it is.  I’m waiting on a load bound for Denver, CO.  I just don’t have a trailer yet.  Fun.  The joy of driving a truck.  If you think about it, though, someone has to do it.  Someone has to keep this country, the United States, moving.  Your clothes, food, cars, gas, TVs, and even your computers are moved by truck.  Nothing in our country would get moved if it weren’t for trucks.  Which brings me here to Oapboap.org.  To give hints into my world that you may not know or understand.  To help you see that those big trucks that scare you are on the interstate aren’t all bad.  Well, there are some bad ones.  I’m not though.  Just trying to stay green in a very, very red economy. Take care all. I need sleep, got 800 miles ahead of me.  *Sign out*