I’m losing more money??? WTF!!!

You may have guessed. I’m losing potential money. Why?  Cause my employer has their own pocket book in mind.  UGH.  Let me explain.

So, I drive a truck.  Since fuel, specifically diesel, prices were so high in 2008, my employer made it a requirement that each company truck get a certain mile per gallon(MPG).  The requirement at the time was 6.0 MPG.  That’s easy to obtain in their fleet. Most trucks are getting well above that.  As drivers, we get a bonus to every 1/10th of a mpg.  That can make a nice little difference in a check, especially when trucks are getting upwards of 7 or 8 mpg.  Well, they raised it to 6.25 mpg at the time.  Around May, they raised it to 6.5 mpg.  As of yesterday, they raised it yet again to 6.75 mpg.  Fuck.

I drive an ’08 Freightliner Century Class with a Detroit 60 Series w/ Eaton-Fuller 10spd tranny.  I’m not sure the rating and what not, but the truck is geared and powered for MPG at cruising speed, which is a whopping 60 mph.  On an average 2300 miles week, Saturday to Saturday, I can pull an average 7.4-7.6 mpg.  All summer my bonuses were pretty good.  Now I think they are gonna start sucking.  On top of that, employer wants me to run at 52-55 mph. The speed limit in most states is 65, 70, & 75, with the exception of California and Illinois, where trucks it is 55 mph.  How much slower am I driving compared to others?  Lucky I havent been fuckin rear ended.

They are taking my money away so they can save money on fuel, which I dont pay for. In my mind they are skimping me on my fuel bonus and saving themselves a lot of money on fuel and the bonus.  Where’s my incentive to slow down and boost my mileage?  Oh, my job.  Cause If I dont slow down and keep my MPG up, they will fire me.  Oh yes, they said their gonna boost it to 7 MPG probably by 2010.  Can I have any more stress please?

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