So, this is bad, right?

So, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. What’s a picture of words worth?

Lets get this right.  The person COOKING your food for YOU thinks that YOURE the loser.
Let's get this right. The person COOKING your food for YOU thinks that YOU'RE the loser.
So, what inspired this text to my BFF? Welp, it was Sunday night, as you can see in the text from my iPhone. I was on break and it was a non-stop Sunday. Let that sink in. People had nothing better to do on Sunday than to go out and both gamble and eat. Again, let that sink in. Sunday. The day of rest, and God’s day, you’re out making someone work against their will and committing a sin? Earning that ticket to hell, aren’t we?

Add to that that it’s the same goddamed people everyday. At roughly the same time. Eating the same thing. Holy fucking shit, people. What on Earth did you do when we were closed Easter Sunday? I think I said it best when I was talking to my other opener, as he hates this shit, too:

“Oh, ooh god. You’re closed? What do I do!?! I can’t gamble!! I have to cook for myself and spend time with my family!?!!! Fuuuuuccckkkkk, this is scary. What do I do?!? How do I operate my microwave!?!!”

But, according to the higher ups; we’re slow on Sunday and we don’t need extra help. Is that why I had to hold tickets 15 minutes after we opened? Is that why I had to pull my dishwasher from his work to help us online; since he’s also multi-trained? Cause it’s slow? My co-opener and I are giving the higher-ups this warning:

Either we get an extra person on Sunday, or we’re not working on Sunday.

Simple as that. Even if it does become slow, I can make them work and help out doing stuff that needs to be done in the whole hour and a half I get to open the kitchen on Sundays.

Oh, wait, I forgot we’re slow and do less prep on Sunday. My bad.

tl;dr version: Fuck Sundays. You’re a loser if you go to out to eat at the same place 5+ days a week.