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Everything after this update is completely optional. I could, if I wanted, finish the game after this update. However, there’s a big decision at this point, that we need to make. You’ll see it at the end of the update.

You remember what happened last update. Now, let’s just continue.

I don’t think it was a bad dream, Mana.

Ditto, Glasses.

Isn’t here right now. Meet Raiden.

Uh, well, they just survived a tidal wave and lost–yeah. Good reasons.

You mean just the two of us? No Magus, or Schala?

It’s one of those dreams you haven’t waken up from, yet.

Damn that Queen!

Your future is what you make it. So, dammit, make it a good one.

That sounds suspiciously like a…

EXACTLY! But, wait..

Surely she wasn’t serious about the ‘last of my pendant’s power’ thing. Right?



There’s something about this theory..

Thanks, Squall.

What. Does that mean that.. No. It can’t be. Too silly.


Good. Segregation like that can only lead to something like what happened.

Dalton? Of all people in Zeal to survive, DALTON did!?!

Time to wallop some Dalton ass. For Snake’s sake.

Go. To. Hell.

How original! Let me guess, your main export will be “running away like a pansy”.

You mean he started working on it in 12000?

Fancy way of saying “AWW HELL NAW!”

“Or something”. What a leader.

Can we just send you to the rest of Zeal now, or do we have to wait?

W hat?

Mood swings must be the second most awesome export of the “Kingdom of Dalton”!


What a cheap shot. Revenge is going to be awesome.

Looks like it’s advanced, where ever it is. Did he send us through another gate?




A.) Kick Dalton’s ass. Or B.) See A.

Good girl.

How did it survive!?!

What’s that mean?

So, I suck at stealth. Sue me.

What the hell is he going to do to our time machine?!

“Airthrone”. Is he..there’s no way. He already has the Blackbird.

This is never good.

Protip: GolemBoss is afraid of heights. Let’s look at our surroundings.

Good girl.

Done what? Learned how to not be a sissy?


Your name sucks.

Why do I have the feeling that he’s talking about Glenn, Mana and Meryl?

*Cue heroic music* This scene is awesome. It deserves to be done with audio.

*music stops, changes to badguy music*

Dalton is satasified.

That’s the size of the blackbird. It can LAUNCH an Epoch, er, Aero-Dalton Imperial!

Comic relief!

Look at it go!

It IS! They understood the concept of proper wing shape back then?

Oh, shut up.


I gotz laser!

I don’t understand this line. =[

Someone’s angry.

No sly comebacks, no witty remarks? You’re losing your touch, Dalton.

Not good!



So, so sweet.

Did he tamper with the controls?

So fair. Let’s try this button here.


Alright. The last random button shot lasers, this one will work, too.

I don’t think it worked quite as planned.

Sweet! Remote self-destruct of the Blackbird!

And then some. That felt good.

And ain’t it a sight!

Si! It can fly, that means we can go anywhere.


So we think.

Let’s search around here first.

Maybe he’s here.

MAGUS! You survived!

We’ve already established that fact, Glenn.

That’s a good thing. I couldn’t even imagine Zeal in modern times.

YOU lived there? But..wait. What? EXPLAIN!

Look, the gurus. And Melchior.

The kid? How’d he get there?


A what!?

A gate?

It’s starting to make sense.

Him, too?

Damn that queen!

Not pictured: Melchior landing in 1000AD, in the imps house.

The old hey dude a Guru of Zeal!?

Is that Ozzie!? Wait..does that mean that Magus is…

It must be. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Proto Squall.

What a grudge. Lighten up, Magus.


So, he posed as the prophet to try to alter events here? Or is there another reason?

Yeah, we sort of witnessed that one.

| That’s the line. You just crossed it.

I guess he just did. Nothing we can do about that, since the Epoch doesn’t have a “12 seconds ago” setting.

Olde talk for stfu.

This is where I need your input! Do we fight Magus and take him down, or do we forgive and forget?

Pro: Magus is unparalleled in Magic.
Con: Since Glenn is in the active group, it’d be a one on one battle.

Do we let Glenn take him on, or do we ignore him and continue our search for Dave? I need input from those of you who are watching this before tomorrow morning.

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