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Alright, another lengthily textual update. Get ready to read. Also, note–no, wait, nevermind. That in itself would be a spoiler.

What good is this piece of crap? Well, once equipped..

The wolf-dogs don’t attack. This would have been helpful a couple of updates ago.

(Skipping Meryl being shot flashback.)

Campbell : Snake, about Meryl…

Colonel, I’m sorry…

Campbell : Listen to me.

I wasn’t able to protect her.

Campbell : Snake, it’s okay. You did what you could, now let it rest.


Campbell : She joined up of her own free will. I’m sure she was prepared for this.

No. You’re wrong.

Campbell : …?

Meryl thought she had to become a soldier… thought it was the only way. She said she thought it would bring her closer to her dead father.

Campbell : She said that!?

She wasn’t ready for real combat. I shouldn’t have pushed her so hard…. It’s all my fault.
Roy seems to be taking this well. Maybe because he’s on a sub and not experiencing this crap?

Master : That’s not like you, Snake.

Campbell : Master. What is it?

Master : Sorry for eavesdropping, but I just couldn’t listen anymore.


Master : Snake, you can have regrets if you want to… it’s only natural. But you can’t keep attacking yourself for things that happened in the past. That road leads to madness, believe me.
Odd. We haven’t head a thing from Master since Snake had first arrived at the base, and now he decides to start talking.

Mei Ling : He’s right. Don’t kick yourself. It doesn’t suit a legend like you. And besides that, for all we know Meryl’s okay, right?

Mei Ling…

Campbell : Snake, forget about Meryl. Stop Liquid. That’s what Meryl would want, too.

You’re right. Meryl would say the same thing.
No, I think Meryl would want to be not shot right about now.

Naomi : Snake.


Naomi : Meryl…she’s pretty special to you, huh?

Yes, she’s special. There aren’t many women like her around.

Naomi : That’s not what I meant…

She’s the Colonel’s niece… and a combat buddy.

Naomi : Is that all? C’mon…

This is like a police interrogation.

Naomi : No, I just…

Campbell : I guess it’s in the genes…

The genes? What are you talking about, Colonel?

Campbell : No, I just remembered about Naomi’s grandfather. I think Naomi said he rose as high as assistant secretary in the FBI during Edgar Hoover’s time.

Is that right?
Alright, I was a little harsh. Start paying attention.

Naomi : Yes…yes, he was Japanese and he became a special undercover investigator to nab the mafia.

Master : When was that?

Naomi : Oh.. sometime in the 50’s, I guess.

Master : Where?

Naomi : New York, I think…

Master : Naomi, I thought you didn’t have any family…

Naomi : Well…I…I researched it after I became an adult. My grandfather was already dead by the time I learned about him. I never even had the chance to meet him.

Campbell : Oh…

Naomi : Snake, good luck.

Campbell : Watch your back, Snake.
Why does Master care so much about Naomi’s background? In fact, what in the hell is going on?


This is not fun. That’s about 30-40 screens of this. It’s not something I wanted to do.

oshit. Something just blew up my route!


Liquid : Snaaaaake!! I’m afraid I can’t let you get past here!


Liquid : You’re not going any farther. Die!!!
Well, hell. One guy, as bad-ass as he is, can’t take out a helicopter equipped as he is.

Well, this situation’s getting better by the second.

Crazy fucker, let me tell you.

The what button now?

Does he EVER GIVE UP?!

Hells yeah.

They’re not going to make this easy, are they?

Snake hears a noise.

Otacon : Don’t shoot!! It’s me! Don’t shoot! It’s me, Snake!!

Otacon? How’d you get here?

Otacon : It wasn’t as dramatic as your entrance, believe me. I’m afraid of heights.

You were watching?
But, being shot at by helicopters is FUN.

Otacon : Yeah, I was watching. I was riding in the back of their truck… thanks to the stealth camouflage.

How did you get up here?

Otacon : The elevator, of course.

The 1st floor of the circular staircase was destroyed.

Otacon : That’s why I took the elevator…

The elevator was working?

Otacon : Yeah, that’s right. You’re incredible… like a movie hero or something.
Or an Anime character!

No…you’re wrong. In the movies, the hero always saves the girl…

Otacon : …You mean Meryl? …Sorry… forget I said anything… Snake, there’s something I’ve really got to ask you. It’s why I followed you up this far… Have you ever …loved someone?

That’s what you came to ask?

Otacon : No I mean… I… I was wondering if even soldiers fall in love…

What are you trying to say?

Otacon : I wanna ask you… Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?
What in the Christ does this have to do with anything?

Yeah…I do. I think at any time, any place… people can fall in love with each other. But… if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them…

Otacon : I think so too.

I have a favor to ask.

Otacon : Uh oh.

Don’t worry. It’ll be easy.

Otacon : Umm…I told you before, I don’t wanna hurt anyone.

I don’t want you to either.

Otacon : Okay…
Is Snake buying into this, too?

The elevator is stopped down there. I want you to get it to move. You see?

Otacon : That’s weird.

It was working before, but now it isn’t.

Otacon : …Maybe the panel’s broken?

Can you fix it?

Otacon : It was working before. If it’s the mechanism, leave it to me.

I’ve got to go and swat a noisy fly.

Otacon : Okay. I’ll stay here and hold the fort. Good luck.

You really look like hell. Are you okay?
Now that we’re properly equipped, we can shoot down the Hind. Hells yeah.

Otacon : Don’t worry. If I do this, it doesn’t matter. I just pretend like I’m not here. Then I’m not scared.

Strange logic. I’m counting on you.
So, in other words, Otacon’s a gigantic wuss.

Repeat this times about 20. Where’s the fun?

My preferred weapon. Oh yeah.

Liquid : So the Snake’s finally come out of his hole? Are you ready now…my brother?

Why are you calling me brother? Who the hell are you!?

Liquid : I’m you. I’m your shadow.


Liquid : Ask the father that you killed! I’ll send you to hell to meet him!!
What is Liquid going on about? Oh well, time to blow some stuff up.

Today’s Outlook: Ask again later.

Oh hell yeah!

Welp, Liquid is defeated. We can now go blow up Metal Gear Rex and be done with this game. Hells yeah.

Otacon : Snake, the elevator’s working.

You fixed it?

Otacon : No, that’s the weird thing. It just moved by itself. It’s headed your way now.

Is that so? Okay.

Otacon : That explosion before… what was it?

Oh, I had to take out that helicopter.

Otacon : Helicopter? That’s incredible, Snake!

Listen. I just want to make sure again. This is the way to get to where Metal Gear is being stored?

Otacon : Yeah. The entrance to the underground maintenance base is towards the back of the snowfield ahead.

Okay. Find a safe place to hide out for a while. I’m going underground.

Otacon : I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me.

And stay outta my way. Don’t try to be a hero or anything.

Otacon : Okay, call me if you need to.
Odd, the elevator just started working on its own. Oh well.

This is where we end for now.

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