Letters to the Internet (Volume 5)

Ah! Herro! It’s been awhile since I’ve done something on the site besides a LP, hasn’t it? Well, besides image and document hosting. So I figure it’s time to do something. So we’re going to do another letter to the internet. But, I must ask, before I go on, if you read this and get it without the spoiler; is it really roleplaying?

This installment is the Apple nerd. Mac fag. Whatever. The dude who likes expensive computers. Like me.

From: “Adam Mullen” [onebutan@me.com]
To: “The One” [neo@internet.org]


Good job finally getting everyone to make their sites cross browser compliant. It sucked so much when Safari was first released and nothing worked on it. It’s nice not having to have like three or four browsers installed just do simply browse the internet. Though, I worry that the whole “Works in WebKit” thing is because of Google’s browser. What’s your opinion on that? I mean, it introduces more people to WebKit, but Safari’s been doing it right for so much longer.

However, this is not the real reason I’m writing to you today. I know you’re busy and all–I mean overseeing an internet is hard work, let alone multiple internets. But I was curious.

Could you please tell Adobe to go eat a cock and either shape up their product; or just abolish flash content all together. Sites designed in flash are a scourge on the internet; and make my laptop melt through the table and catch on fire.


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