Chrono Trigger: Page 10

What I say here has little impact on the rest of the update. Let’s continue Chrono Trigger.

If you last remember, we kicked Magus’ ass, helped secure humanity’s future, and learned about the true origin of Lavos. Dave and crew hopped through the gate into the unknown. Let’s see where that is.


What the hell is a skyway? Hint: Good name for an airline.

It seems to be a teleportation device. Must be the future.


Odd. You look a lot like those two little things I roughed up in 600.

Yes, Squall?

Har har har.

You got something on your mind, Squall?

Where have I heard that before? Wasn’t it Magus that said it?

What? Wait. That’s not cool.

I guess so.

Two different blondes, two different opinions.

Water makes…

Wind. And wind makes…

Fire dance.

Oh look, a secret passage.

This will lead to something I’ll show you later. Just remember the quote. “All life begins and Ends with Nu.”

I want to get into that place down there.

Yay? (Rocks are wonderful. They’re they only way to do ‘non-Crono’ Triple Tecs.)

Yes, only time will tell.

The sparkle up there had me stumped for about 10 playthroughs. Let me show you how to acquire it.

Stand right around here, and hit the confirm button…

You get sparkle.

Totally not foreboding. The highest thing on the planet right now.

This will be helpful later.

Even if we don’t, for the sake of showing you the best outcome, we like plants.

Is that so?

What else? Betray the Queen. (This will have importance later.)

Not in your lifetime.

Huh? Say that name again. I know someone in my time with the exact same name!

Masa..? Mune..? These guys look a lot like the guys we busted up back in 600 to get the Masamune.


Schala? Janus? That little kid we ran into that sounded an awful lot like Magus?

What on earth is causing this, and WHEN are we!?

That’s going to prove useful, I bet.

Why do I care about these family affairs..

Why do I have the feeling that there’s something huge going on here?

I’m sure nothing will happen between now and when I get back!

Damn, and I really wanted to talk to her.

What a nice kid.

Interesting. Her pendant that looks a lot like ours opens that door. I wonder…

Ours doesn’t work. Something strange is going on here.

The “Power of Lavos”? That’s kind of dangerous.

No, you see, this pendant belong to Mana over there. It’s hers, and always has been.

Well, now it seems that our pendant works on these doors now.

On a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 9.8 fucked.


Gurus? Foreigners? Where the hell AM I!?

Why doesn’t this sound too good?

Protip: Your first time through the game, this is a scripted loss. Don’t waste items.

Dove doesn’t beg. It’s sort of an unwritten hero rule.

Well, we seem to be trapped.

At least there’s one nice person around here.

Again with the Gurus. Who are they!?

There’s his name again! This is a pretty weird coincidence.

We’ll try to, that’s for sure.

Man, I just don’t like this guy. How does he know that she was here, doing this? In fact, how does he know so much about what will happen before it happens? (Those of you who DON’T know, try to guess.)

Hm. He seems to react to Schala…

Even the cat gets in on the action.

Probably the same way you got here.. The front door.

He’s going to trap us on the other side.

She can’t stand anyone getting hurt. She, oddly doesn’t fit in with the others.

Not a problem. You’re one of the few that was nice around here.

Maybe he knew something.

I don’t think he does.

I seen them lots of somewhere elses.

I hate it when games do that. I want to figure it out on my own.

Yes. Lets.


The “Wings of Time”? So, clock needles?

Which is?

What a shame.

Even if you have been, start paying attention right about now:

What the hell?

Did you get all that? It’s very important.

Let’s see where the last door leads us.

Is this what he was talking about? What the hell is it?

I’d like to know what it is, firstly.

No, it’s hard to scare Dave.

Most impressive.

Are you telling me that you built a time machine..? Our of a DeLorean?

Seems simple enough.

We can change the name. We should change it.

ogod, what if it doesn’t work?

Oh well. Let’s take it for a spin, anyhow.



Good idea. Let’s go there. Tomorrow. ;]

Okay. Now I need a name for the Epoch. If you’re following this, you get a chance to name the time machine.

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