Parasite Eve: Page 9

Let’s try to finish out Day 4, shall we? I know I was on edge to play it.

Day 4: Conception, part 2.

So, if you remember right, we had overcame Eve’s retarded little fetch quest and were allowed to investigate the rest of the hospital. In peace.

Oh my, whatEVER could this mean?

Someone’s actually ALIVE here!?!

And moody!


I forgot to mention this: You can change weapons in battle. It wastes a turn, however.

Oh no. Please no.



But, if I have to sit through it, then so do you!

Nurse: Whew! I thought I was done for. Thanks.

Aya: Glad to help, but you could help me even more by telling me where the doors next to the elevators lead.

Nurse: Umm… to the storage areas of the hospital…that’s where we keep oxygen tanks and our main supply of liquid nitrogen.

Aya: What do you use liquid nitrogen for?

Nurse: I don’t know. Here… take this GREEN card key and find out yourself. I’m not staying to see what happens next.
GREEN is important. I can also not see the color GREEN worth a crap.

Let’s go find where this goes!

And be polite first. Naturally.

Doctor: Well, for many different things. You can use it to freeze off warts and such, but its main use is for research. It keeps the sperm bank from spoiling…

Aya: Sperm bank?!?! Oh, my God… How do I turn it off?

Doctor: Well, there is a valve that you can turn off in the storage area. Why?

Aya: Sorry, I don’t have time to explain. By the way… which floor is the research lab located on?
What floor, indeed?

*Dramatic chords!*

I’m really starting to dig these one-time use items.

This was guarding the controls to the Nitrogen.


Aya, honey? This is a Squaresoft game, lots more people are going to die.

Where does this go?




Ah, like any typical RPG, but they actually come out and say it.
But, seriously:
Aya: The HLA list. Ben’s and Lorraine’s names are on here too… It’s the same list that was on Dr. Klamp’s computer. What’s he trying to do?!

Aya: These are… the patient records.

Mariko Brea…
It’s my mother’s record…
December 23, 1977- taken in with Maya Brea after an accident. Pronounced dead after cardiac arrest. Maya Brea, the daughter… The next page is missing. It’s somewhere else.

Oh god! What happened to Maya!!?

December 23, 1977- emergency hospitalization. Operation successful. After 6 months of hospitalization, released. Needs medication from hospital.

Aya: Melissa and Maya were brought in to the hospital on the same day… and operated on… No… it can’t be…!
What!? WHAT!? (Are things starting to come together now?)

Well. Let’s go do this.


Remember, NO unnecessary attacks! Target the enemy in the air and be alert!

Captain: Manhattan’s practically deserted! Why don’t they just…!

Admiral: No, Lynch. We haven’t received orders from the President to attack yet. At this point, we need to look for the missing people from the park and warn the city.
“Washington’s not stupid enough to use nukes to cover its mistakes.”
“I’m not so sure about that.”

Holy 1980’s, Batman! We’re going into the DANGER ZONE!




ogod, I’m so sorry.
THAT’S why I’ve been getting all those mails about Viagra and shit, and pills to cure premature ejaculation.
It’s not called premature. It’s called “Damn, she’s good.”

Taking Aya into the DANGER ZONE!


It just hit me that I haven’t showed off Aya’s powers yet. This power takes all of Aya’s Parasitic Energy and focuses it into a shot for huge damage.

Let’s try it on this ugly thing.

BOOM, bitch.


NO! Anyhow, shoot the spider thing some more and..

SO so nice. I always hated this boss. Because of the huge space.


Aya: You’re going to use the sperm to give birth to the Ultimate Being…!

Eve: You’re a bright one! The first rebellion took place some years ago on a far off eastern island. There, my sister committed a fatal error… I’m higher in the evolution chain than my sister. I will never commit the same mistake…

Aya: You’re not my…

Eve: Finally caught on, huh…?

Aya: …No…!

Eve: You feeble organisms depend on machines to do all the work…!

Aya: Stop!
What’s she talking about?

You’re kind of a bitch, you know that?

“You know, Tim, Top Gun was a pretty bad ass movie. And it had that one song. HIIIIIG…”

“I hate Tom Cruise. Fucking Scientoligist. And Kenny Loggins. And that FUCKING SONG!”



Than you’re a moody bitch that has something growing where your–you know what, I’m not even going there. It’s TOO easy.

I understand that you want to kill. And that I want to kill you.

Will Aya make it!?!

Click to find this out.

Wait. That’s not how it went. Let me get my bearings.

One more time!

For real, this time.

Aya safe.

Oh, the suspense!

How nice.


Danny boy: You can study all you want, but you gotta brush up on other things too, man! No girl’s gonna want to be with you if you’re gonna be like that!

Maeda: W, what?! Please! I, I…

Aya: Daniel, is everything OK back at the station?

Danny boy: That’s the thing. I found out several things about Klamp, but… In the past, a doctor from that hospital was fired for giving out a patient list.

Aya: A list…? You mean like the one with the HLA listing…?

Danny boy: These guys have access to just about everything. I’ve got other info too. This is what I heard from Warner, who was onto Melissa. She was seen going into the museum late at night on several occasions!

Aya: Eve..? She was going into the museum?!

Maeda: We NEED to go there! We MUST get there before the being is born!

Danny boy: Calm down. We’re there, buddy…
Oh god, the museum? Does that mean? Oh god, I don’t want to think about it.

Let’s do this!

Warner: AND, Melissa was seen going into the museum late at night several times!

Aya: Eve!?

Danny boy: Klamp… That bastard! I KNEW he was a part of this! We’ll split up here and search the entire city. Eve and Klamp must be meeting soon!

Maeda: We must hurry! It’ll be too late once the Ultimate Being is born!

Warner: I’ll go snoop around some more for any info.

Danny boy: We’ll all split up and look for Eve. You find any trace of her, you call for backup.

Aya: Weren’t you going to stay here, Daniel?

Danny boy: And push papers all day? You’re kiddin’ me!

Maeda: W, what will we do?

Aya: Let us know if anything comes up!

Maeda: Uh, yes; OK, I got it…
And that’ll do it for Day 4.

Next update: What will happen in Day 5?

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