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For the next update, I took 732 screen shots. Roughly 90% of them are for two animated gifs that are huge spoilers if you’ve never played the game.

If you remember last time, we had just gotten ourselves a fine time machine (which is still named Epoch.), and we could freely move through time. Let’s put this thing to good use.

I never showed you this place. Let’s check it out, though.

Powering up the pendant lets us open the chests with the symbols on them.

We all know which one Dave’s going to pick. But humor yourselves and think I was going for the left one.

That’s been preserved since 12000 BC. Interesting.

This is the strongest weapon for Dave at this point of the game up through Monday’s update.


How thoughtful.

For the next 10 seconds, anyhow.

Alright. Awesome.


He was a complete dick the last we seen him.

What the Christ? I thought you hated him.

Last I knew, you were a greedy bastard!

Something like that.

So, they were cast out because they can’t use magic? How stupid.

Slave labor is hard to come by.

Probably not.

I hate this queen already.


Soon, I hope. I need to talk to her.

Reinforcing the Schala=nice statement.


That’s where I gotta go. Thanks.

I’d love to see this in real life.

So, I skipped most the mountain in pictures.

This is a one shot only tab.

This is a GOOD sign!

So, let’s free him!

Holy shit.

Where’d the Guru go!?

Oh, there he is!

Huh? He looks kind of familiar.

!!!!!!! What in the hell!? It’s the guy from 1000 that fixed the Masamune!! What on EARTH is going on here!?!!

You could say that.

Lavos seems to be of great influence around here.


Mountains falling are probably not a good thing to be watching.

Then, it plummets straight down.

It’s always too late, always. You never get it easy.

Why does she come down here, anyhow?

Under Lavos’ control? What’s that supposed to mean!?

Nobody invited YOU.


What? Is it that damned prophet again?

Like where?

I really don’t like this guy.

This is the 2000th image of the thread.

I stopped listening after ‘you’.

When you’re the authority, yes.

The gang, in heroic fashion challenge Dalton.


Or else doesn’t sound good.

Thanks for the confidence booster.

Fuck yes, I am.

The first half of the game. Back when I thought I knew most of what was going on.

Excellent. I’ll be sure to not lose it.

There’s a reason why I’m breaking up this part into small little sections. It’s so you get the maximum effect of the story. If I threw all of Zeal at you at once, it’d be a gigantic clusterfuck.

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