Game Fuel!

What is this stuff, and what did they do to it?
Awesomeness in a bottle.

Fresh from the tie-in with Halo 3, Mountain Dew wants to appeal to a bigger base of customers than extreme teenagers, now they want GAMERS. By sticking Master Chief and the Halo 3 logo on bottles of soda, they hope to attract the attention, and more importantly: the cash of gamers everywhere.

Now, does it work?

Well, yesterday, I decided to hop by the gas station and buy a chillaxed soda, just because, really. This stuff was staring me in the face, and then I recalled both a friend of mine drinking it, and a co-worker drinking it. So, I figured what the hell, it was only 99 cents, what could go wrong. And, I am a gamer after all, so I decided I’d put it to the test.

This stuff seriously tastes like someone ‘accidently’ dropped a roll of Cherry Life-Savers (the most superior kind of Life-Saver) into a bottle of Mountain Dew and decided it was good enough to sell. The bottle says ‘Cherry and other Citrus flavors’. More like CHERRY and some slight citrus hint. But, man does it ever taste good. It’s probably cherry and grapefruit.

This is surprisingly smooth for Mountain Dew.

Game Fuel
Well, after drinking this, I wasn’t ready to play video games for nine hours, but it is a surprisingly good bottle of sugar-water. If you Do the Dew, you should give this a spin, while it lasts.

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