Another Pruis!!!! FUCK!!!!!

So, out of sheer shock and suprise, myself and Oapboap got a trip to California.  He was taking vacation, and hoping on my truck and goin on the road for a week.  We didnt plan to go to Cali, it just happened.  My dispatch sent the load to me, and we were like, “Sweet Action!!!!!”.  Except the load was ready really late, so we were running behind schedule to get the load moving on time.  Go Figure.  It gets better, really.

Gettin loaded in Eastern Nebraska at around 7pm CST, we get rollin West and travel through Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and finally into California.  Got to the first “fun” about 4 hours early.  By “fun”, I dont mean happy fun time, I mean sit at a reciever and what forever to back into this little alley packed with four wheelers while other four wheeler bastards are zooming around me inthe street as I’m backing into the alley.  Pricks.  We get out of there and find out the second, final stop doesnt deliver until the next day, a Tuesday.  Oapboap has to be back home on the 22nd. its the 18th.  We’re screwed.

We wait all day in sunny, hot, Sacramento, CA.  I drive to the final stop that night, park near the place, get up a few hours later and pull in the gate.  Holy fuck.  3 hours later, finally in a door and another 2 later finally out the door.  UGH.  Get the trailer washed out and dropped at a customer 2 hours after that, we decide to take time and visit places.

We drove to Cupertino, CA to visit Apple Headquarters and buy some nifty clothes and cups and whatnot.  Cool to see, but we also had other intentions.  Ding Ding!!!!!!  Cruised up to San Francisco and got lost, made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge and crossed it in the truck.  Spent the next few hours driving around on the North GGB Island taking pictures and hiking and trying not to fall down a steep cliff.  Awesome!!!!!

Golden Gate Bridge

The next day, a Wednesday, we tried driving to Market Square, the mall area of San Francisco.  Ding Ding!!!  Got lost.  Again.  Drove through Chinatown.  Still Lost.  Another Prius.  Oh, an Escape Hybrid.  Still lost.  Is that tracks in the pavement????  Up the hill ahead of us, a cable car is going up the hill.  I’m behind it in the truck.  Oh shit!!!!  DING DING!!!!!  We followed that thing up the hill, a steep hill, and down the hill on Powell St.  Stopping at every intersection.  DING DING!!!!!  Down to Market Street.  FUCK!!  Another Prius!!!!!!!  Get me out of this state!!!!!  Pruis here, Pruis there…Escape here and there.  Everywhere I looked a PRIUS!!!!!!!!!  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Had a blast in San Francisco. Parked the truck on a wharf, had lunch, caught a train to the mall after getting lost, shopped, toured, took a cable car to the wharf and walked down there for a bit.  Caught the cable car back to Market Square, going backwards down a hill.  That was a rush.  Got lost on the train again, then had dinner and finally off to bed as it was around 1am CST.

I could die happy if I never saw another Prius.  There was billions of them.  And all Oapboap did was point them out.  Fucker.  Good trip, fun, enjoyed it.  Go.  Have fun.  Rent a car, dont drive a big truck. Watch out for Prius (Sign Out)

Hello, internet!
Oapboap here! I have video proof that we chased a cable car for quite sometime. It was good times.

PROTIP: I’m loud!

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