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We’re headed towards a big ‘wtf’ moment. Be prepared. With that out of the way, let’s enjoy Chrono Trigger.

As you last remember, the gang found out about the origins of Lavos. It was summoned by a wizard in 600 by the name of ‘Magus’. If we defeat Magus, we can stop Lavos from being summoned, thusly saving the future. Get your Bandana on, and get ready, Dave!

Hrm. This was trashed the last time we were here.

I don’t know, I just got here myself. I will, however go pointlessly run to the castle to check.

We could use us a “Legendary hero” in our little group.

Well, shit. Let’s hope not. I don’t want to go through another episode of “Save Mana!” again..

Who is this Cyrus, and why is he not out there kicking ass?

Ooooo, one of a kind sword? I could use me one of them.

Brother!? The knight captain is your brother?

So, Jerky will feed an entire squad of knights?!

Oh yeah.

I’m sure he will. Magus’ army is what? Nothing?

Yes it is. I want to see how this one piece of Jerky is going to feed these guys.

And I wonder why I want to be a chef sometimes. Here’s the answer.

Sounds of battle start…


The world is square.

He does have a good point here.

That might be a good idea, goldie.

Of course. Dave needs an excuse to bust some heads.

Score. Now, let’s go kick some Magus troop ass.

Why does this worry me.

You guys are instilling me with a LOT of confidence..

He probably swam across.

Hey, I could have used their help, dicks.

Hello, Ozzie. My name’s Snake. I enjoy strapping C4 to helpless targets like yourself and then detonating it. Sound fun?

Run away!

Seems as though he took my advice.

So. Now there’s three of them. I don’t see the challenge.

Protip: Instead of killing these guys one by one, target Ozzie and hit him with everything. Once he’s ‘defeated’ his spell will run out, and the minions will die.

Curses, foiled again.

Cuz he gots an endless supply of C4.

Ozzie doesn’t stick around for this one. Damned developers. Now I actually have to try.

This is the 1000th image for the playthrough. And I’m CONDENSING this.

Remember the Nagaette bromide I got earlier?

There’s someone very important in this room. But first, shinies.


I’m pretty sure things will go alright.

Trade? Sure. I have no use for this thing.

No, I was just kidding.

Okay. But what is it?

That’s generally how trades work.


Good luck.

Dave doesn’t think he’ll come back, this house and forest don’t exist in the future.


Oh yeah.

RPG Rule whatever: Places like these are good sources of information.

Monster? What the hell?

Little kids can’t be heros!


Heros have to have good stuff laying around their houses.

Tell someone who cares.

There must be something important up there.

Okay. Can do. There’s things I needed to do, first.

This looks an awful like the mayor’s house in 1000..

This will be important later on.

What’s down here..?

Hey, Glenn. You live here?

Something like that.

Giving up so soon?

Let’s change that. Back to the mountains.

I don’t care if you have the same three lines. Gimme the goods.

Speed tab here.

I’m the explosion, BOOM!



Masa…Mune..? You two wouldn’t know anything about the Masamune, would you?!

Actually. Uh. Wait. Why the hell are we up here!?

NICE BURN. Little dicks.



Protip: Don’t physically attack here.

Here we go with this Cyrus thing again..

You mean it wasn’t last time!?



No. It wasn’t.

Of course we will. We know this guy who’s real awesome with weapons. Name starts with an M.

Just the blade. Where’s the rest!?

That’s comforting to know.


Haha, you suck.

Serves you right.

So. It was yours. You’re the hero!?

We can’t do that yet.

Why does Glenn have a broken sword here?

Engraved? Like the name of the original owner of a sword that’s been broken for years..?


It means that there’s some serious shit going on here. How can a guy in our time own a sword that’s been broken well over 500 years!?

No, actually, you see…

Four hundred years ago. That’s not important right now.

That’s the pressing question right now.


Too bad he doesn’t tell us.

Well, let’s go get us some Dreamstone and kick some Magus ass. That’ll save the world.

Good question, Mana.

And, long is a long time..?

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