Chrono Trigger: Page 3

I’m trying something new for this update. Animated gifs for heavy dialogue. They’re a pain to make, and I won’t be able to retort to them, either. This may be the only update with animated gifs. We’ll see.

Last time, on “Quantum Leap”.. Our hero, Dave , had lost the queen.

Yeah, for about 38.2 seconds. Now she’s gone.

I love this line. I want to get a CT with voice acting just to hear how it should be said.

Do tell.

Well, it is only 400 years younger.


Wow! The past alters the future.

We find the queen. Got it. I’ll call if I’m feeling lonely.

This is a good place to start the search.

I love the art in this game.

Okay. Thank…you.

Sparklies get Dave’s attention.

In the past, Nuns could catch fire at will.

And turn into monsters.

The quickest way to kill ’em off.

Everytime you say that, it gets worse. Stop saying it.


Take note, aspiring heros. THIS is how to make an entrance. (I wanted to get more frames and make a gif.)

Thou? Thou thou! Mr. Thou!

I get Frog. He’s the comic relief. So, what did I name him?

Nothing else will do.

*flex* When I first played this, I thought he had an Earthworm Jim arm.

I need to figure out how to work “mayhap” into my daily speech.

RPG Rule 7: The silliest ideas always work.

The what? (It took me several playthroughs to figure out what to do with this.)


What does this button do?


Except for the green guy back there, we are.

Treasure? Tell me more about this treasure. The queen can wait!


Now, let’s get our asses back to the castle!

No? Tell that to the girl that disappeared before my eyes.


Thinking about it, how did YOU beat me here?

They’re going to feel really stupid when we win the war against The Magus.

See you in Hell, Liquid.

I want to live in the past, and spontaneously combust and morph. At will.

This makes sense. (I solved a puzzle, and didn’t feel like taking pictures of it.)

RPG Rule 8: A save point after a long hall indicates something major.

Colonel, why didn’t you tell me the whole story!?

To hell with you.

Yes, let’s.

I’m sure this won’t turn around and bite me in the ass.

Hey, she WAS a princess! Sweet!

In otherwords, be sure to have that daughter you’re thinking about!

It’s alrite, mang.

Hey, he’s just a 5′ tall talking frog, chillax, girl.

“But not as good as me.”

Good question. Let’s find out after these commercial messages!


Go for it, glasses.

I shall call it, a ‘Slider’ remote.

I can imagine these lines with a goofy laugh.

Dave laughs innerly at this. “Sure, she would.”

The nice way of saying “…Whatever.”

So, it’s a time tunnel?

I’m sure this will have no repercussions on our timeline what-so-ever.

Because DeLoreans haven’t been invented yet.

Yeah, I’m sure some super race wants us mucking about in the time stream.

No, s’alright. I’ll stick around here and–of course.

Instant teleportation!

Dave thinks to himself that he killed a small bird by accident; did this effect the time stream?


I had no idea at ALL that my machine had a Flux Capacitor.

FUN!? You call that FUN!? Okay, wait. Yeah, hopping through time is kinda awesome.

Sure thing. Right straight home.

Maybe even in a few days. I’ll let the guards know who you are, and you can come and go as you wish.

Sure, Dave thinks. Besides, it’s been awhile since he had a smoke. But just how much time has passed?

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