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Alright. I managed to extract voice. Exactly 11 seconds of voice. It’s a pain to do, because once I start recording, them emulator sometimes decides to get choppy. Oddly enough, during another section, it recorded awesomely, except it’s like a 68 meg AVI file. As awesome as the game is, I don’t know if I should upload it or not.

Too bad I had to backtrack over half the damned base to find the thing.

You know, I think Snake’s totally fucked in this picture. Wait..


Guards : Freeze!!

Wolf : It’s hard to miss when you’re this close.

Wolf : Toss your weapon over here. Slowly…
(Snake tosses his beloved SOCOM.)

Wolf : You are a fool to come down here.. stupid man!

A lady sniper, huh?
A female solider, on THIS BASE!? IMPOSSIBLE!

Wolf: Didn’t you know that two thirds of the world’s greatest assassins are women? Do you want to die now? Or after your female friend? Which will it be?

I’ll die after I kill you.

Wolf : Is that right? Well at least you’ve got spirit. I am Sniper Wolf and I always kill what I aim at.
(She walks over to him and reaches up to his face.)

Wolf : You’re my… special prey. Got it?
(She scratches Snake’s cheek, drawing blood.)

Wolf : I’ve left my mark on you… I won’t forget it. Until I kill you, you’re all I’ll think about.
Nice view. ;]

To paraphrase my old RP days: “Snake got knocked the fuck out.”

Liquid : Don’t kill him yet. I want him alive.

Ocelot : Leave it to me.

Liquid : I want no more accidents like that DARPA Chief.

Wolf : Yes. He’s my target. Mine alone.
Wait. What’s this about the DARPA chief? An accident? What’s going on?

Liquid : Can you hear me, Solid Snake?

Wolf : He’s tougher than I thought…

Liquid : Do you know who I am? I always knew that one day I would meet you. The man who stole what was rightly mine… the man who stole my birthright. Me? I’m the man you stole everything good from. And now, after the sacrifice of our brothers… after 30 long years, finally the two of us meet. The brother of light and the brother of dark.

Wolf : Do you need his DNA too?

Liquid : Yes, I want a sample while he’s still alive. We need it to correct the Genome Soldier’s mutations.

Wolf : Then we’ll be able to cure them?

Liquid : No. We still have to get our hands on Big Boss’s DNA.

Wolf : Have they given in to our demands yet?

Liquid : Not yet.

Wolf : They won’t give in. They’re all hypocrites, every one of them.

Liquid : Is that your opinion as a Kurd?

Wolf : They always put politics first.

Liquid : That’s right. That’s why they want to avoid any leak about their precious new nuclear weapon.

Ocelot : Boss, it looks like our friend is awake.
What’s going on here? Brothers? DNA? Cure?

Liquid : There definitely is a resemblance. Don’t you think, little brother? Or should I say big brother? I’m not sure… Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You and I are both the last surviving “sons of Big Boss”.
(Liquid’s cell phone rings, he answers it.)

Liquid : It’s me… Really? Then what? Those idiots! All right Raven. I’ll be right there.
(Liquid puts it away and talks to Wolf and Ocelot.)

Liquid : They’re not responding to our demands. We’ll launch the first one in 10 hours as planned.

Wolf : Damn Americans!!

Ocelot : Looks like you read them wrong.

Liquid : Something’s funny… Normally the Americans are the first ones to the negotiating table. They must think they’ve go something up their sleeves.
They’re going to launch? What’s America planning?

Ocelot : So it’s come down to it, has it. We’re going to launch that nuke and ride it all the way into history.

Liquid : I’ve got to take care of some launch preparations. You’re in charge here, Ocelot.
(Ocelot speaks to Sniper Wolf.)

Ocelot : What about you? Wanna stay for the show?

Wolf : I’m not interested. It’s time to feed the family.
(Wolf shakes around a small canister of pills. She takes a few out and swallows them.)

Ocelot : So, you prefer your wolves to my show, huh?
Show? What show?

Liquid : Ocelot, don’t screw up like you did with the Chief.

Ocelot : Yes, I know. That was an accident. I didn’t think a pencil pusher like him would be so tough.

Liquid : Well… his mental defenses were reinforced by hypnotherapy.

Ocelot : Boss, what about that ninja?

Liquid : He killed 12 men. Whoever he is, he’s some kind of lunatic.

Ocelot : Bastard took my hand… How could he have gotten in here?
Wait. What? “Don’t screw up like you did with the chief.” Snake talked to the Chief. What’s going on here?

Liquid : Perhaps there’s a spy among us… Mantis is dead. We’ve also got to find out what killed Baker and Octopus. We’re shorthanded, so make this little torture show of yours as short as possible.

Ocelot : Torture? This is an interrogation.

Liquid : As you wish.
(Liquid turns to Snake.)

Liquid : See you later, brother…

Eleven seconds of voice acting!
Wolf : Your woman is still in this world…


Wolf : Catch you later, handsome…
So, Meryl’s still alive?

Ocelot : Once she picks a target, she doesn’t think about anything else. Sometimes she even falls in love with them before she kills them. Finally, just the two of us. How are you feeling?

Not bad. I caught a nice nap on this revolving bed of yours. Too bad I was sleeping alone.

Ocelot : Glad to hear that. This is some bed all right. I’m about to show you some of its nicer features…

Where are my things?
Sometimes, I wonder which head Snake’s thinking with.

Ocelot : Oh don’t worry. They’re all there. Washington was taking quite a chance sending you here. Someone must have had a lot of faith in your skill. Huh, carrier boy?

So, Metal Gear is armed with a new type of nuclear warhead, huh?

Ocelot : Why don’t you go ask Campbell for the full story?

The Colonel?

Ocelot : By the way, you get an optical disk from President Baker, didn’t you?

What if I did?

Ocelot : Is that the only disc? There’s no other data?

What do you mean?

Ocelot : There’s no copy? If not, that’s fine.

Is Meryl okay?
Carrier boy? And what the hell does the Colonel know?

Ocelot : She’s not dead yet. Wolf must have been feeling generous. But if you want her to stray that way you better start answering my questions right now. You were holding one card key. Where are the other two? What’s the trick behind that key!? That weasel of a president said there’s some kind of trick to using the key.

Hell if I know.

Ocelot : I see. No problem then. We’re going to play a game, Snake. And we’ll find out what kind of man we really are. When the pain becomes too great to bear just give up and your suffering will end. But if you do, the girl’s life is mine.
Great. Whatever you do, don’t give in, Snake!

The what button?

This is one of the most awesome lines in the game. Note the fourth wall breaking in the last three pictures.

Wait for it.

The fourth wall has now been officially shattered!

The what project?

Looks like I’ve got a roommate. The DARPA Chief!? Whew…what a stench!
The chief? Here?

Campbell : Snake, are you okay?

I’ve been better.
Way better.

Naomi : How’s Meryl?


Campbell : …….. Snake, the government has decided not to give in to their demands. We’re trying to buy some more time.

C’mon, Colonel. Why don’t you stop playing dumb? I’m sorry about Meryl but I want the lies to end now.

Campbell : What are you talking about?

Metal Gear was designed to launch a new type of nuclear warhead, wasn’t it?

Campbell : !

You knew it all along, didn’t you?

Campbell : …….

Why did you try to hide it?

Campbell : …I’m sorry…

Can’t tell the grunts, huh? …You’ve changed a lot. Metal Gear… secret advanced nuclear weapons research… Does the White House know about this? How deep does it go?

Campbell : As far as I know, as of yesterday, the President had not been briefed about the Rex Project.

“Need to know basis”, is that the idea?

Campbell : These are sensitive times. Even sub-critical nuclear tests are causing quite a stir.

Plausible deniability, huh?

Campbell : Yes. And tomorrow the President and his Russian counterpart are scheduled to sign the Start 3 Accord.

I get it. That’s the reason for the deadline.
What in the hell’s going on? What more does Campbell know about this?

Naomi : That’s right, Snake. And that’s why we can’t let the terrorist attack go public.
Interesting. All this is to help the president look better?

Campbell : We still haven’t even ratified Start 2 or dealt with the issue of TMDs. This has to do with the President’s reputation and America’s place as the dominant superpower.

So patriotism is your excuse for circumventing the Constitution?

Campbell : Please, Snake… just stop them.

Why should I?

Campbell : Because you’re the only one who can.

In that case, tell me the truth about this new type of nuclear warhead.

Campbell : I told you before. I don’t know the details.

I don’t believe you. If the situation is so serious, why don’t you give in to their demands? Let them have Big Boss’s remains.

Campbell : You see…

Or is there some reason that you can’t do that? Something you haven’t told me about?
Wait. What in the hell is going on here? I was JUST beginning to understand the story. (Again, it’s alright if you’re getting confused. All will fall together. I will also do a huge thread about the story after everything’s done.)

Naomi : Publicly, the President has been very vocal in his opposition to eugenics experiments. We don’t want the existence of the Genome Army to go public.

And that’s the only reason?
So, the president is anti genetic experiments? What a wrong time to be the president.

Campbell : …….

Huh! The hell with you!

Campbell : I’m sorry.

The corpse of the DARPA Chief is lying right here next to me.
No, really, what’s going on here?

Naomi : Poor man.

But it’s strange. He looks and smells like he’s been dead for days. All his blood’s been drained out too.
Wait, why would they drain his blood?

Campbell : Drained!?

Naomi : Maybe to slow down decomposition?

I have no idea.

Naomi : But the Chief only died a few hours ago, right?

Right. But he’s already started to decompose.

Naomi : What could it all be about?

Something in his blood that they wanted?

Naomi : I doubt it. Just the nanomachines and the transmitter.
How could he already be decomposing?

Campbell : Did the Chief tell them his detonation code?

I’m afraid so. It looks like they’ve got both codes and are nearly ready to launch.

Campbell : Damn. Is there any way to prevent it?

It seems there’s some type of emergency override device that can cancel out the detonation code. It’s a countermeasure that ArmsTech installed secretly. You have to unlock it with three special card keys.

Campbell : And where are those keys?

I’ve got one of them. I don’t know where the other two are. Besides, I’m locked up here.

Campbell : We’ve got no choice. Forget about the keys. Your top priority now is to destroy Metal Gear itself. Sorry to lay it all in your lap, but you’re all I’ve got. Bust out of there and get to the Communications Tower.
Sure. Whatever.

Otacon, are you still okay?

Otacon : Yeah. Thanks to the stealth camouflage, that is.

I have a favor to ask. I need your help.

Otacon : I was wondering when you’d ask. What should I do?

I’ve been captured. I’m locked up here in this cell.

Otacon : What cell?

There’s a big torture machine nearby.

Otacon : Okay. I know it. It’s close. I’ll be there right away.

Anime nerd to the rescue.

(Another torture session.)

Naomi : …….

……. Naomi, please talk to me. Say something to take my mind off the pain.

Naomi : What can I say?


Naomi : I…I’m not a very good talker.

Please… tell me about yourself.

Naomi : Myself? That’s a tough one…

Any family?

Naomi : That’s not a very happy topic for me.

I don’t have any family. No wait, there was a man who said he was my father…

Naomi : Where is he?

Dead. By my own hand.
Snake killed his own father?

Campbell : Big Boss.

Naomi : What!? Big Boss!? I had no idea.

Campbell : There was no way you could. It happened in Zanzibar 6 years ago. Only Snake and I know the real truth of what happened there.
His father was Big Boss? Just like Liquid said.

Naomi : So, is it true? Was Big Boss really your father?

That’s what he said. That’s all I know.

Naomi : And you were able to kill him, knowing that?


Naomi : How?

He wanted it. Besides, some people just need killing…

Naomi : That’s patricide.

Yup. That’s the trauma that Mantis was talking about. The one we share in common.

Naomi : Is that why you left FOX-HOUND?

Let’s just say that I needed to be alone for a while and Alaska was the perfect place…

Naomi : …Snake… I didn’t have a real family either. Just a big brother who put me through school. We weren’t even blood-related and he was much older than me.

Where is he?

Naomi : He’s dead…

I’m sorry.

Naomi : …Snake, is there a woman in your life?

After you’ve been through as many wars as me, it’s hard to trust anyone.

Naomi : Friends?

Roy Campbell…

Campbell : Huh? You’re still calling me friend?

Naomi : Is that it?

No, there was another… Frank Jaeger.

Naomi : What!?
She acts like she knows who that is.

Campbell : Big Boss’s most trusted lieutenant and the only member of FOX-HOUND to ever receive the codename “Fox”. Gray Fox.

Naomi : ……..
The highest Codename in FOX HOUND.

I learned a lot from him.

Naomi : But… didn’t you try to kill each other?

That’s true. We did. In Zanzibar. But it was nothing personal. We were just professionals on opposite sides, that’s all.

Naomi : And you still call yourselves friends?

Hard to believe? War is no reason to end a friendship.

Naomi : That’s insane.

I first met him on the battlefield. He was being held a prisoner of Outer Heaven. But he didn’t look like a prisoner to me. He was always so cool and precise. I was still green and he showed me the ropes.

Naomi : You knew him well?

No. We never talked about our personal lives. Sort of an unwritten rule. The nest time I saw him on the battlefield, we were enemies. We were fighting barehanded in a minefield. I know it sounds strange to most people. But we were just two soldiers doing our jobs. It’s like a sport.
Naomi seems quite interested in how well Snake knew Fox. Why?

Naomi : Men and their games! You’re like wild animals!

You’re right. We are animals.

Naomi : So if you were friends, then how do you explain the Ninja’s behavior?

I don’t know.

Naomi : It’s your genes… they make you predisposed towards violence!

You really like talking about genes, Naomi. Why did you get into genetic research anyway?

Naomi : I never knew who my parents were or even what they looked like. I guess I got into genetics because I wanted to figure out why I’m the way I am.

So you studied about DNA?

Naomi : Yeah. I thought if I studied my genetic structure, I’d find out who I really was. I thought that by analyzing a person’s genetic information, I could retrieve the blank spots in that person’s memory.

Memory is stored in DNA?

Naomi : We’re not sure. But we know that a person’s genetic fate is determined just by the sequence of the four bases in their DNA.

So what about my fate? You know my DNA sequence, don’t you?

Naomi : Your fate? I…I’m sorry. I have no idea.

Of course not. You’re a scientist, not a fortune-teller.

Naomi : ………
Oh god, what does she know!!?!

Somebody has a problem.

Do you see it?

Otacon : Hey! I’m here!
(Snake looks around but doesn’t see anybody.)


Otacon : Here.
(Otacon takes off his stealth camouflage.)

Otacon : It’s me.


Otacon : Wow! They even captured you!

Hurry! Get me out of here!

Otacon : Let me go! That hurts!

Hurry up!

Otacon : Is that how you ask a guy a favor? Let me go. Jeez, it’s like an animal’s cage. …What a smell!
Snake’s such a nice guy.

Because of him.

Otacon : Eeyaaah! It’s the DARPA Chief!!

If you don’t hurry up and get me out of here, I’ll be laying next to him.
Snake will become gay? Sorry, I had to.

Otacon : Those bastards! This lock won’t open up with a security card. You need a key like the soldiers carry.

So what are you doing here then?
Good question.

Otacon : I… I thought you might be hungry. If you need more food, I can bring some more later.
(He has ketchup and a ration.)

Otacon : Also, I got this level 6 card, it’ll get you out of that torture room. Here… take this too.
(Otacon takes one more item out of his coat.)

What’s that.

Otacon : It’s a handkerchief. I got it from Sniper Wolf.


Otacon : I don’t know why, but she’s nice to me.

Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me.
What good is ketchup going to do? Just think about it.

Otacon : I was taking care of the dogs here. After the terrorists take over, they were planning to shoot all the dogs. But Sniper Wolf stopped them… she even let me feed them when I asked. She likes dogs. She must be a good person. Please don’t hurt her.

Wake up you idiot! She’s the one who shot Meryl!

Otacon : Well, that’s all I can do…

They’re planning to launch a nuke! I’ve got to stop them!

Otacon : Then you’ll have to get past the Communications Tower.

First, you have to get me out of here!

Otacon : C’mon…I’m trying my best…

That guard’s got the key. You’ll have to take him out!

Otacon : Gimme a break! I’m no soldier! I can’t take anybody out!

You have to!!

Otacon : I’ll be killed!
I think anime nerd has a crush on Wolf.

Otacon : Oh jeez. He’s coming back… see ya later…
(Otacon turns and leaves.)

What a helpful anime nerd!

Seriously, what am I going to do with this? Well, if you think about it…


The guard checks on Snake, and gets the crap beaten out of him.

Back in the game. Hells yeah.

What’s this?

Hint: It explodes.

I’ll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIME!

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