Internets. Serious Business.

So, obviously, the first page would discuss the internet and what it is.

The dictionary in Mac OS X Leopard defines it as such:

an international computer network providing e-mail and information from computers in educational institutions, government agencies, and industry, accessible to the general public via modem links.

Right off the bat, this is pure bullshit. As anyone knows the internet is a series of tubes in the bed of a big truck. Also, serious business. So, everything you read on the internet is true. Especially if people are making fun of you. There is no sarcasm on the internet. Every word directed at you is true. And, if somebody does make you made, the only solution is to be mad about it. You know, there’s no walking away from the computer and cooling down. Just freak out as soon as possible.


The internet is for porn.

But, always remember. There are more than one internet. To avoid confusion, the internet is referred to as “Internets”. So, whenever you talk about the internet, never use the word as a singular, always make it a plural. Internets.

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