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I promise you, this is a huge update. It’ll also clear up a whole bunch of loose strings from the previous update. It also include a 1.5 meg animated gif file. It’s awesome. This update is 13.5 megs big. That’s a lot of images. I’m glad I have over a TB of bandwidth.

On the last episode of Dave’s world, we found out that the Masamune, which has been broken for well over 500 years, has Melchior’s name engraved on it. Something strange is afoot here.

Wait. How do you know this?

This is the furthest back period that we can go to.


Blow them up with C4?

Cavewoman from nowhere!

So, she takes care of quite a few in a matter of seconds. We need her on our side.

I wish MY hair could do that.

Again, with the hair?


So, what did I end up naming her, since I had to, once again, come up with a name..?

I make it funnier in my head my imagine Meryl’s voice actress speaking these lines.

But she’s green as hell..

Mainly women, because they have more hiding places than men.

In a jail cell next to the DARPA chief.

Quick, glasses. Think up another one-liner.

Good girl.

Again, with the voice actress..

Uh, well, you see…

There’s no reasoning with her, is there?

Of course there isn’t.

All I want is the damned rock so I can go home.


How about we don’t.

Because Meryl does what Meryl wants.

Rocks. I want rocks.

You do that.

Yeah. Okay. Whatever.

I will move your controller by the power of my will alone!

Funkmaster Flex.


That can be arranged.

I couldn’t have said it better.



Looks like it’s being arranged.

Wait. Soup, I thought this would be epic.

Breaking the fourth wall.

Neck and neck!!



This looks good.

Because you weren’t.

No. Not really.

We were asleep. How should I know.


I don’t thank anyone’s laughing, Glasses.

We have a problem.


Sorry, Glasses.


People have got problems with flipping the fuck out in this game.

We like to call that ‘Jealousy’.

I missed her punch.

Oh, shut up.

Even back now, they knew the difference. That wrong, Kino, that wrong.

Sorry ain’t cuttin’ it.


We’ll go after them.

They’re starting to make my head hurt.

That’s the plan.

This isn’t going to suck.


Because we’re from way after the day after tomorrow.

Both answers lead to the same conclusion.


Haha, you suck.


Yet, there’s humans in the future. What!?

Damned cave women.

Dave hopefully won’t be coming back.


How would you know this!?

Good plan.

You don’t -want- to know.

And let’s see how ‘Bulma the great!’ reacts.


Can do.

Let’s hurry. They’re going to launch at any time.



Damned straight.

‘Think’. You mean you might have forgotten something!?!

Let me guess. You’ve seen it.

Damned straight. They don’t beat around the bush, they credit me, because it was all my work.



So, Cyrus was a knight..


Of course.

By your leave.

Cyrus prepares to kick ass.

Polywog. I need to work that into my daily speech, too.

The legendary medal!

It shattered!

Ozzie. And that must be…

I wouldn’t quite say that.

Good, he -doesn’t- know when to give up. This will go well.

We’re almost there, Glenn!

It’s a scare tactic!

Listen to the man, Glenn!


Oh, no…


That’s heroic.

So. Let’s get this straight. You’re not going to kill him. Just alter his form. Huh?

Not good. Not good at all.

You’re the bastard that said ‘change his form’.

So, it was our Glenn!

Have a little bit more confidence.

Except for more science.

Even if they’re fully capable of summoning planet killing monsters.

Sorry, Glitz, Mana had to go for awhile. I needed a balance of elements.

Cue said music.

It’s little Glenn!

Good advice.

Serious question: Are these two brothers, or really close friends?

This career path might not be the best, Cyrus.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

There it is.

Here we are again.


Why did they change him to a frog?

This scene is so sad, paired with the music.

Cyrus’ medal…

Can do.

This is an awesome scene, EPIC when paired with his theme. (Right-click, save as…) All awesome scenes will now be .gif’d.

If I wouldn’t have done this, he wouldn’t have magic, making him useless.

Sure am.


Ready to kick some Magus ass and save the future!?

This place is downright creepy the first time through..

Let’s go in, guys.

Why are there people here?

Why are there little kids here!?

What in the HELL!? How is Bulma’s father here!?

Or the Queen for that matter.


No one here.

Ooooo, shiny.


What an insensitive dickhole.


There’s more than a hundred.

Uh. No.

I love this line.

Can do. C4 AT THE READY!

I busted them up in the normal manor.

Sir Slush!

I try to.

Har har har.

Do you a world of good? Like back to back battles with no healer?

Their backstory goes well before the mountain ordeal, I’m guessing.


That’s how underleveled I am.

Well, that’s good.

Yay. New weapon!

Right behind you.

Oh, the bat that’s been following us.


Are you positive this time?…YOU HAVE BOOBS! GIRLS HAVE THOSE, NOT GUYS!

I love that line.

How simply dreadful, dah-ling.


Pretty backdrop.


I don’t think I want it.

We took care of them.

I bet you run!



You learn to hate Ozzie after awhile.

Obviously not.

I hate this room.


Protip: Don’t engage these rolling things. They explode when killed.


Where? Where can you take a cake!?!

Damned straight.


So, we don’t aim for the barrier.

That was close.

That was close.

So was that.



Not good.


Not good.

This is Magus. Defeating him will save the planet, because Lavos won’t be summoned. Can we do it? Can we save the world?

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