Updates a-go-go, baby!

I took some time away from oapboap.org because I had finished uploading the last of the videos I produced before nuking my backup. I also promised you people some updates.

..Like a year ago!

I’ve been doing some backend work on my site, and now things shouldn’t be bork’d for you guys!

Visit the site, it now includes:

  • GOD HAND Playlists that actually work! Fuck yes! Including GOD HAND COMPLETE.
  • Speaking of GOD HAND, I added a new GOD TRACK (The Closing Credits–like I said, backend work)!
  • Hot new theme. It is the future, after all. NOTE: I am deliberately avoiding the year here. :v:
  • Fixed up some glaring formatting errors.
  • Child Pages will now list on their respective Parent Page. (e.g.: The Mad Midget Five bonus video will be linked on the page that has the video of the level where they’re introduced.)
  • Speaking of Playlists, on the pages that contain playlists, the contents of the playlist are now displayed in order. I put it on the page because fuck Flash, that’s why.
  • Speaking of Playlists, AGAIN, pages with playlists now have the playlist displayed in the HTML5 player. Because fuck Flash, that’s why.
  • :sg:

Things it doesn’t contain (right now):

  • New content. :supaburn:
  • New content that you actually want to view. Making websites is hard. :downs:

Let’s see if I can actually add some more of that content!

And now, this is it.

This is the last update to GOD HAND, until I decide to do some bonus content. But this is the last actual update to the game. Here we are, 55 videos later (56 with the credits) not to mention several bonus videos. This video and the credits are today’s update. I’ll get GOD HAND COMPLETE up as soon as I can. But that’s future, let’s worry about the present.

The final battle between Gene and Azel to determine Olivia’s fate.

It's time to kick some ass!
It's time to kick some ass!

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to check out the CLOSING CREDITS. Obvious link is obvious!

Not gonna lie, this was the most fun to do. While I’ve been waiting to show you the credits since November, the time is here, and I’m sad.

Videos: 64, 3.33 GB (4h 49m 34s)
Initial Update: November 26, 2009
Final Update: January 7, 2010
Number of Updates: 66 (Including GOD HAND COMPLETE)