Letters to the Internet (Volume 2)

Today, on Letters to the Internet, I’m going to go for the file-sharing teenager in the prime of the file-sharing era. As if it wasn’t obvious.

From: “warez dewd” [lol69666420@69.com]
To: Internet [internet@internet.net]

d00d u dun a gud thng on teh internt me n my homiz r now totly dln shit frm teh net cuz u wr n awsum dood 2 giv uz dis shit u cal napstr we b getn al teh muzik frm u n ur dewdz but teh homiz wnt 2 no f u gotz teh porn c we gotz muzik now but we ned teh porn cuz we b tru jugalos n ned tityz no if u cud snd me teh lnk 2 teh porn thx

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