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This is a wonderful section of the game coming up. There’s lots of important plot information coming up. So, naturally, there’s lots and lots of screens. Two hundred plus, 8.5 megs–this update is larger than the game’s ROM file. Yeah, I’m sorry in advance.

If you last remember, Dave was wrongfully convicted and had to bust out of prison, only to end up on another world. An advanced world.

This world is pleasant. Let’s go south.


Why, what’s in Lab 16..?

The people of this world must lead busy lives, to need a device like this. Imagine their schedules.

The growl makes this scene.

Yep, not difficult at all.

The last guy said there were people here.

This isn’t looking so good.

Man, all we did was rough up some moderately challenging enemies. There’s no big deal.

Apparently, there is.

Good design application here. Put kill robots guarding your one source of any information.

What about C4!?! I got plenty of that, and I’m itchin’ to blow something up.

There hasn’t been a problem we couldn’t face yet. Well, except for the chancellor and his 20 guards.

But I know the password!

That’s where I’m headed.

An alarm blares.


What the hell!? I DEACTIVATED IT!

Well, basically, this thing’s equipped with nukes, and it’s going to blow us to hell if we don’t stop it.

This is the first time Dave’s ever had help with a Metal Gear. He’s not too sure how he feels about it.

It gets baby gears, too!


Again, a lesser author would stoop to a fart joke. Again, I inform you of this.

Great. There goes saving them. Plan B: Blow the place to hell.

You never know.

So, what does it know?

Now they have both codes and can launch at anytime!!!

Well, it does have the only computer monitor I’ve seen for awhile.

Google still exists on other worlds.

Not the first result, I’m sure.

Google Maps to the rescue!

Don’t thank me, thank Google.

It’s probably the self-destruct button.

The what!?

Words fail me.

I don’t know.

Someone’s going to have to put a stop to this.

Change the future by altering the past!

Bulma doesn’t sound too very confident in this. I don’t blame her.

Yeah. Luck.

The music that plays during this section is epic.

The music that plays here is also epic. So emotional.

Sweet! Transportation!

NOW you say that!?

Yeah, you too.

Let’s detour, first.


The comic duo’s supposed to help you through this section.

Ignore those feelings, on a battle field those types of feelings make you die a dog’s death.

Translation: Unneeded stealth section!

The first trap was a cat. The next involves kicking the can. Obvious, so far.

How would cheese make noise? It attracts a rat.

My first time through, this was the only one I fell for.

Throwing the switch opens the door. We’re rivaling Zelda here, people.

And you call yourself a frog, hah.

Evil villain laughs: Check.



Sure, I could leave…

But I needed to loot first.

No, I think I’ll avoid this one for now.

Who’s the keeper?

What eccentric clothing. Like they’re from another time.


They? Who are they!?

Can’t say that I have. Dave thinks the old man’s going crazy.

The final program code? What the hell.

Let’s advance the plot now.


Time to turn you into scrap metal!

But, I wanna kick some robot ass.

Oh, goodie. A leaderbot.

..the MAN!

Johnny 5!

Alright, babe. Let’s ride, babe.

Thanks for the help.

Have I mentioned I love the art in the game?

I look forward to it.

This one don’t look so good.

Metal ge–

Can it, Dave!

Humans make a lot of things that way.

Randomly messing with wires and fuses doesn’t fix things, Bulma.

It’s moving!

Well, Bulma did something right for a change.

Gots to introduce the crew.

I thought robots were supposed to be super intelligent.

It’s like they’re writing my commentary for me!

You named it!?


I need a name for Robo. If no one names/claims him, he’s going to be ‘Rex’.

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