Final Fantasy V: Page 6

Alright. Let’s see where today leads us. Large update ahoy!

Way to give up already!

You’re not the ones being lead by Butte, the wonder chimp.

You’re damned lucky your name is Cid, and you’re an NPC.


That pimpin’ bird? Sure.

Come back later.

Only one place to go to.

No, this is the other ruined city. I think the pink in your hair is your brain leaking.



This is getting old.

Really old.

I’m glad we’re jumping to the same conclusion here.


Welp, we’re all dead. Anyone up for some bowling?

Every time they should die they don’t. =[

HAWT. Too bad they’re related. Aw, fuck it. “Incest is best, put your sister to the test.”

Welp, Galuf is fucked.

Nah, he fell down one of them holes. Go check it out, Butte.

Of course.

Galuf is fucking awesome.

What does this do, I wonder?

Huh, back to that lone town.

Stick around a little longer, Butte.

This has a point, right?

Good thing Butte didn’t use a big word like ‘teleportation’ or ‘device’.

What the hell?

Who knows.

You can stop thinking out loud, Butte.

Why are we trying to interject story in this late? You’re a Final Fantasy, NOT a Metal Gear.


The hell? It can fly?

An ‘Airship’ you say?

What in the hell? Din’t we already fight you?

So, in other words: “We get to fuck around with the airship while the two book nerds find out where the crystal is.”

I liked the launching animation, alright.

Oh. No. Tell me he’s not going to.


(Piano Lesson 5) Not bad. Too bad the ending missed a note.

Hell yeah. Look, a dancing girl. What the hell, why not.

Oh, so we all dance. Alright.

YOU ARE NOT METAL GEAR. However, this is quite good, considering the time of the game.


(Harvest–you should have this one. If not, look at the 3rd update.)

The only real point to this town.

Look! It’s ZZ Top!

(Home, Sweet Home) Where’s this place?

This must be Butte’s home town. Note the discounts. This is the best place to shop.

Not another flashback.

Butte waited up there an entire day.


Thanks, dick.

Haha, shut up.



Oh, she’s Butte’s mom.

So much story forced near the end.

It’s not a Final Fantasy where everyone’s EMO and does nothing. Fuck this game’s awesome, I see what it’s Japan’s 15th best game.


I see now why Butte acts the way he does, to make sure this memory doesn’t come back. I guess his retard-ism can be forgiven.


Think about this one. They’re UNDER WATER. HOW?

He’s not such a good guy now, Pink.

Are we going to trust the guy who can’t remember much?

THANK YOU, Butte! Someone agrees with me.

Wow he was right.


Boss battle I didn’t take a picture of.

Alright, they work, we sleep.

Wow. Okay.

This ship better have an ‘A’ button. :rage:

Sounds easy.

BOUNS: Thanks to Cid and Mid’s work, our Airship is now two way, it can land on water and function as a boat. Awesome.

Let’s go save the world, guys.

This part would be hard if you couldn’t knock them out quick.

A bigger gun.

Now, why couldn’t this be my Airship?


This boss has two forms back to back.

We’re fucked.

Yep, we’re so fucked.

Damnit. Butte, delivering the lines.


fuck fuck fuck

Hey, it’s that little blonde girl. Doing the work for us.

Don’t mind the rest of us here.

This is the best way to show “I FUCKING REMEMBERED!”. Ever.

Hell yeah.

It sure kicked his ass, though.

Is that Faris’ real name? It’s better than the ‘Anthologies’ version. Salsa, anyone?



Outlook for today: Stay in bed.

Are you ready for the greatest line in Final Fantasy history? The greatest line in any Final Fantasy game that has happened, or will happen? I think you are.

Butte has now went from ‘stupidly retarded’ to ‘fucking awesome(ly retarded)’.
How much you wanna bet this line is NOT in Final Fantasy V Advance?

Of course, there’s only one response to this:

Does he LOOK alright?

Now the evil bad guy wants to kick it in another world?

Alright, guys. Let’s GO!


Oh, this is going good.

Real good.

Sure thing, mang. Pink, Pirate, go ‘unite’ in my cabin, I’ll be right there.

Well, hell.

Hrm, some of those sound awesome.

Let’s calmly walk while everything’s blowing up.

One of the more sensible ideas all game.

That has to be a sight to see.

Story time?

I sorta already figured that one out. Go on.

I sorta noticed.

Should have.

Yeah, mang, it was fun.

Well, hell.

There went our chance.

Yes, let’s. There’s something very important there.




This would be useful, if I used those items.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (This is the sprite I based my ‘Latino Stud Butz’ screen name off of a LONG time ago.)

Will Cid be able to help? The first decent cliffhanger in the game! Hells yeah!

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