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I hope you’ve got a good grasp on the story up to this point..

This is our new location. One guard to screw with right now.

We gotta get across there. Somehow.

ogod. I would be freaking out. So bad.

A cargo elevator. Hey, at least it’s not stairs.


Hey, look. Birds. Lots of birds.

Master : Snake, there’s something I’ve got to tell you about Naomi Hunter.

What about her?

Master : Is this conversation secure?

Don’t worry. The monitor’s off.

Master : Okay.

What’s up?

Master : I was in the FBI too, y’know.

I didn’t know that. What’s your point?

Master : Dr. Hunter’s story about her background… about her grandfather being an assistant secretary to Hoover in the FBI…


Master : And then going undercover to investigate the mafia in New York…

Yeah, what about it?

Master : It was all a big lie.

What did you say?

Master : It was really bothering me. Why would she lie about it?

She lied?

Master : She might be a spy!


Master : C’mon. Even a high school student could see past it. The head of the FBI at that time, Edgar Hoover… he was a well known racist. Didn’t Naomi say that her father was Japanese?


Master : Well back then there wasn’t a single Asian investigator. Also, in the 1950’s the undercover mafia sting operations hadn’t even started yet. They first started in 1960… in Chicago, not New York.


Master : You better check it out. The chief and the president dying, that ninja… too many strange things are happening.

Are you saying that Naomi might be behind it?

Master : I don’t know. Either that or she’s working with the terrorists.

Could it be…?

Master : If I find out anything, I’ll call. In the meantime, be careful!
Whoa. What? Naomi’s been lying the whole time?

I think it’s cold down here.


Raven : Welcome, kasack!! This is the end of the road for you! Right my friends?

(The ravens start cawing.)

Raven : Listen. They agree. Ravens aren’t scavengers like most people think… They are simply returning to the natural world that which is no longer needed. Sometimes they even attack wounded foxes.
I have a slight feeling of dread.

You were the one in the M1 tank? Must have been a tight fit for a big boy like you.

Raven : Ha ha ha ha ha… But that was no true battle.
(Raven leaps down from the crate.)

Raven : The ravens and I were testing to see what kind of man you were. The judgement is decided. The ravens say you are a true warrior.
Really bad feeling here.

Am I hallucinating? I… I can’t move…
This is getting better. Shit.

Raven : The Raven has put the mark of death upon you. Blood from the east flows within your veins. Ah… your ancestors too were raised on the barren plains of Mongolia. Inuit and Japanese are cousins to each other… We share many ancestors, you and I…

I don’t have any crows in my family tree.
Snake’s always gotta have some type of comeback.

Raven : You jest but indeed ravens and snakes are not the best of friends. Nevertheless you will make a worthy adversary. You live in Alaska too. You know of the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics?

Yeah, I know it. You must be a real threat in the “Muk-Tuk” eating contest.

Raven : Yes, you are right. But there is another event that I excel at. It is called the “Ear Pull”. It is an event where two opponents pull each other’s ear while enduring the harsh cold. It tests spiritual as well as physical strength.

You want to pull each other’s ears?

Raven : The form is different, but the spirit is the same. Rejoice, Snake! Ours will be a glorious battle.
Here comes that feeling of dread again.

This isn’t glorious. It’s just plain killing. Violence isn’t a sport!

Raven : Well, we will see if there is iron in your words!!

The blue thing on the radar? Raven’s line of sight. It’s huge.

C4. Snake’s personal favorite to use to blow things to hell. You can plant C4, and hope you set the right one off as Raven runs by it.

Claymore Mines. You can set the mines anywhere, and hope that Raven runs over them. You also have to avoid them. I have a better idea.

Now we’re talking. Portable missile launcher, excellent range, and you really don’t have to aim. You can lock, fire, and run for cover. This is still not my way, but I’ll mix this with the mines. My way is called “Screw hiding. Run up to Raven and unload Stingers as fast as possible.”

Again, his field of vision. You can’t even see his dot.

Raven : Just as the Boss said… it is my existence which is no longer needed in this world.
It took awhile, but I never got spotted.

Raven : But my body will not remain in this place. My spirit and my flesh will become one with the ravens. In that way I will return to Mother Earth who bore me. Snake! My spirit will be watching you… understand?
That’s not good.

Raven : Snake, take this security card. It will open that door.


Raven : You are a snake which was not created by Nature. You and the Boss… you are from another world… a world that I do not wish to know. Go and do battle with him. I will be watching from above. First, I’ll give you a hint… The man who you saw die before your eyes…
A “snake not created by nature”? What does that mean? Screw that, I want the hint.

Remember him, from WAAAAAAAAYYYYY back?

Raven : That was not the DARPA Chief. It was Decoy Octopus. A member of FOX-HOUND. He was a master of disguise. He copied his subjects down to the blood. So he drained the Chief’s blood and took it into himself. But he wasn’t able to deceive the Angel of Death.

The Angel of Death? But why go to so much trouble? Why impersonate the Chief?

Raven : That is the end of my hint. You must solve the rest of the riddle yourself.
The Chief wasn’t the Chief? He was being impersonated. But why?

Raven : In the natural world, there is no such thing as a boundless slaughter. There is always an end to it. But you are different.
(The raven’s begin to eat away at Raven while he is still alive.)

What are you trying to say?

Raven : The path you walk on has no end. Each step you take is paved with the corpses of your enemies… Their souls will haunt you forever… you shall have no peace… Hear me, Snake! My spirit will be watching you!
What does he mean? How does this all affect the story?

Master : Snake, it’s me.


Master : It’s about Naomi. Turn your monitor off…
What’s this about Naomi?

Campbell : What about Naomi?

Master : Damn!

Colonel, is Naomi there?
ogod, out with it already!

Campbell : No, she’s away. She’s taking a short nap. So what is this about Naomi?

Master : Okay. Maybe we’d better let the Colonel hear this too.

Yeah. Go on, Master…

Master : Well basically, Dr. Naomi Hunter is not Dr. Naomi Hunter at all.
Wait! What’s that you say!?! She’s not who she says she is!?! What the Christ!?!!

Campbell : What!?

Master : I thought her story about her background sounded a little fishy, so I checked it out.

Campbell : And…?

Master : There is an actual Dr. Naomi Hunter, or I should say there was one… But she’s not the woman we know. The real Naomi Hunter disappeared somewhere in the Middle East. Our Naomi must have somehow gotten her identification papers.
He did all of that in about 20 minutes? I don’t believe this.

Campbell : Then who is she really?

Master : She must be some kind of… spy.

Campbell : A spy!?

Master : Yes… maybe she’s been sent to sabotage this operation.

Campbell : Are you saying she’s with the terrorists?

…I don’t want to believe it either. But she is working for FOX-HOUND.

Campbell : So you think she had a part in the uprising?

Master : Or she could be working with some different group all together.

Campbell : Different group…? It couldn’t be…

Master : Place her under arrest.

Campbell : What!
Who in the hell is this ‘different group’, and WHY does Campbell sound shocked by it?

Master : She’s betrayed us. She needs to be arrested and interrogated to find out who she’s with.

Campbell : If she’s one of their spies, then we’re really in big trouble…

What do you mean!?

Campbell : Oh nothing….

Master : Have you let her in on some sort of vital secret or something?

Campbell : ………

Master : Does this have anything to do with the mysterious deaths of the DARPA Chief or the ArmsTech president?

Campbell : I… I have no idea.
What in the hell is going on?

Master : Anyway, we cannot allow her to participate any further in this mission.

Campbell : Wait, wait a minute. Without her, we can’t complete this mission.

I knew it. You’re hiding something.

Campbell : Give me some time. I’ll try to get it out of her…

Master : Hurry then. We’ve got to find out who she is and what she’s doing here.

Campbell : I understand. Snake, give me some time.

I don’t have any time left for you.
Whoa. What in the hell just happened here? Naomi’s a bad guy? Who else could she be working for if not FOX HOUND?

I know that was a total mindfuck, and I left you hanging right on a pivotal point, but there’s a reason. I want you to make sense of the story and to decide who’s telling the truth, what’s going on and if Naomi is truly a bad guy.

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