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This should be the last set of sidequests for the game. Now, all we gotta do is take out the Black Omen, finish off Lavos, and do the ending. The Black Omen might take awhile, you can run through it a total of three times, I believe. You bet I’m going to level/skill grind in there.

As you last remember on Dave’s Life, we had just erased Ozzie from history, and reunited Mana and her father. Let’s see what else we can do to help the time line.

Protip: This is the building you couldn’t reach in Zeal.

This battle is a pain if you don’t prepare for it. Preparing means finding both Red Vests in Guardia castle, and equipping them. Only one of the flames transfers damage to this guy.

Defeated. Let’s swap REX in, for science!

If only I had more time. Wait, I have all the time in the world, I’m in a time machine.

..Back, to the future!



Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need…roads.

If you hadn’t altered his family, now would be the time to do it.

Let’s ask Glasses!

The last time you did something like this, you started us on this damned adventure..

You mean better bullets for my SOCOM!?!

Ah, the Wondershot. The only gun that can do 3600 damage one turn, and then 2 the next.

Thanks, Glasses.

Thanks, dad of Glasses!

On my CT cart, everyone has a pair of these. They’re that awesome.

The best Katana in the game.


Except Janus.

A place you were manufactured.

Let’s get some REX story going.

What’s going on here?

No problem.

Of course.

Unless, you know, someone alters the past..

In order:

And knowing is half the battle!

Because it’s fun.

In case, you know, you didn’t know.

Who the hell?



I don’t REX knows.

Janus, once again, with the lines.

Looks like a robotic bitch-slap, to me.

Haha, how about no.

See above.


But Dave’s speciality is taking down robots. =[

Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMMBBBLLEEE! (The girl-bot can use every tech that Robo can.)

This is the 3000th image in my walkthrough.

You see, REX just busted you up, and assuming he didn’t finish the job, Dave’s got some stinger missiles.

Don’t be sorry, be quiet!

I don’t know if this is stackable, but if it is…

Incase you didn’t know.

Too bad we defeated all the Lavos Spawn..


Good idea.


REX would never do such a thing.

Damned straight.


Good robot.

Yeah, because Glasses installed his emotion chip.




Forward to the past! Well have to wait and see where our next update takes us!

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