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Sidequest day number two. Three of them, this time.

As you last remember on “The Adventure of Dave”, we had rescued Fiona’s forest, and let Cyrus’ soul peaceful sleep. We also had a discussion about the fact that Lavos may not have caused the gates.

He, indeed, still lives.

What you goddamned freak?


Keep up the good work. I bet this fort is well constructed.

I don’t recall saying I was on your side, kid.

Let me guess, another switch puzzle.

I thought we busted up awhile back.

I think he just walked in the door, you daffy bitch.

Don’t count too high, freak.

Not really.


Finally, a villain that talks like normal folk.

Yeah. I’m sure. Do your worst.

Do you see the problem yet?


I’ll pickle you!

Ozzie and Dalton probably come from the same genetic pool.

So, can we kill you yet?

No, of course not.

I’m sure he will.


Two down.

I see what you’ve done there.

Probably not. Especially with you right there. Oh, and your designs suck.

The treasure? That was the Sword I got before going back to Zeal, a long time ago.

Well, it’s not that hard to see. I see you running control to sharp.


Of course not.

Protip: Meryl can charm those items.

Probably not.

It’s quite simple. We killed you, then the two of them vanished.

Yeah, you’re right there, Ozzie.

Meaning that your ass is gonna die.

They probably wouldn’t hate us humans, that’s for sure.

I’m not your ‘Amigo’. I’m not even your ‘brah’. I’m here to erase you from history.


Technically, Ozzie was right in his last statement.


Yeah, that dumb idiot.

Not slacking off? How did I find this, then!?! ANSWER ME!


Now, let’s go to the Giant’s Claw.

This sounds promising.

Whoa. Haven’t been here for awhile.

And several critters with it..


Janus is so pleasant.

Like the King could do any better.

Even Janus?

Can he read minds?

What’s wrong with this line. Hell, this picture.

Alright. I’m sure they’ll know all about it in 400 years.

Send the knights, so someone can invade. Good idea, King.

Snow problem.

That’s nice.


This might not be such a good idea.


Well, you see, when you get old enough, you have to support yourself…

I really wouldn’t be trusting him, Mana.

Don’t listen to him! He might not be truthful. Ask Dave, he knows that one!

Why is he telling her all of this now?


Is there an echo in here?

I make you hate him more, now go and explode on him.

Huh? Court?

Works, every time!

I did!

Huh? I thought altering the past changed the future, and everyone had knowledge of this..

I do NOT like this guy.

Another rigged trial?

At least someone sees through it.

Can you wait just a few minutes?

It just has to be there.

Now just a darned minute..

It didn’t work..

Of course, she’d be out of the loop, she’s been time traveling.

Janus tells it like it is.

Good thinking!


Thirteen generations? Who’s the boss?

Yeah, it’s called ‘Save the world’. Where have you been for the last 15 updates?

I love that transition.

Sure thing. I’ll have a large..oh.

Just..WHO is the Chancellor anyhow?

Janus: Delivering the best lines in the game.

He has some good lines. That’s why he’s constantly in my group.

Let’s do this.

OH NO! HURRY GUYS! (I still love that transition.)

Well, hell.



Damn. Damn, damn.


The second best entrance in the game.

How about no?

There’s one small thing, though.

Good girl.

Haha, owned.

She speaks the truth, ‘brah’.

What was that I just heard?


Oh, hey, that guy.

How touching.

No problem.

Wonder what secret ancient weapons he’s going to give us now?

My favorite saying! “Watch and Learn!”


Excellent. Two more times through, and I can equip all three ladies.

A POWERFUL weapon, right?

So let’s unlock it.

This is familiar.

And with that…

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