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Hello, and welcome to Day 6. Day 6 is a good day. Day 6 means it’s not Day 5 and there’s no more living dinosaurs. So, let’s just go on and do this thing. Find a copy of “The Final Countdown” by Europe, too. As it will enhance part of this update.

Day 6: Liberation

Let’s do this!

Let’s start it right, with a video. Bless you, Square.

We’re..uh..just making sure it’s dead. Yes.

No need to be sullen, hot hottie. You just saved the free-world. You don’t look like a man, and you aren’t emo. The last boss wasn’t even a pretty-boy. You’re in the SQUARE GAME THAT DEFIES ALL LOGIC!

I guess an actress would do something involving symbolism.

Sure thing.

Don’t ask, I don’t know.

‘Cuz Wayne is awesome.

When I heard that you blew that thing to bits, I HAD to come over here! Everyone’s sayin’ that you’re the NO.1 cop in NY right now!!!

Wayne: Hey, what’s wrong?! You killed that thing…! Aren’t you happy…? I guess you’re in shock or somethin’ huh…? Yeah… uh you’re probably tired, too… I’ll take the things that’re in your way… So you rest up now, you hear?
PROTIP: Deposit as much as you can into storage. It will make sense.

Yeah. Here I went and named them, but didn’t get shots.
Gun – ‘lol’
Armor – ‘boobs’
I thought it was a good choice. Since it was the primary secondary reason Square had behind selling this game.

Someone’s still a momma’s boy?

Free stuff, hell yes!

Well, you see, it all started about a week ago… (lol, FFX)

Blah blah blah. Can we be done. Interactive endings piss me off.

Oh god, please don’t tell me.


What the christ! Fuck you Eve!



Cranky baby.

Aya: …You’ve got to be kidding…

Maeda: …THAT is the Ultimate Being. We… didn’t make it in time…

Danny boy: …What’re these explosions?!

Maeda: The mitochondrial energy must be out of control… to the point where it is causing these explosions…!
A cranky floaty baby!

Danny boy: Guess all we can do for now is RUN!!! Aya, c’mon!

Maeda: Aya…! What’s wrong…?

Aya: I… I have to take care of this.

Danny boy: Aya!!, NO!!!

Aya: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back!

Pilot: Please hurry!

Danny boy: Shut up, man!

Maeda: Aya, please take…

Danny boy: Cut it out with the voodoo stuff already, huh?! We can’t be wastin’ time!!

Maeda: No, Daniel, please! This is different! It’s not the voodoo stuff…

Can do!

lol, baby can’t fly. This video’s worth it for the lol

oooooooo, Evil baby!


Start “The FInal Countdown”.

I guess babies explode now.

It just became a huge whore. That’s all.

Is that all!?

That’s me being revived in that last image. How did I ever do this as a teenager, with no savestates?


I guess this is supposed to be our boss symbolizing God?

This phase is pretty easy. Not as easy as the baby, but easier than the middle stage.


FUCKIN A! (At least they give a reason for the multi stage boss fight.)

I didn’t get shots of it. But all my attacks do 1 damage. According to the internet he has like 8000 something HP.

Talking to it probably won’t help, Aya.

Maeda: If only we could get this to Aya!

Danny boy: What’re those?…

Maeda: They’re bullets with Aya’s cells in them.

Danny boy: So that’s what you were trying to give her!

Maeda: But… I think it’s too late now… There’s nothing we can do…

Danny boy: Stupid!! Give ’em to ME!!!

Oh. That’s how.

“You know, I’ve had enough of this.”

“Blarg, gloop BLLLLARRRRGGG!” Translation: I have Tentacles, you’re a pretty girl, and this came from Japan. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!

“I do not approve of this, Oapboap.”

“Aw, hell no. Not to my partner!”

No, no, this is wrong. The black kid got “Earth!” not “Fire!”

“Is he..? What a stupid dumbass!”

Alternate caption: Kill kill kill. The white man.

Well, if being on fire didn’t kill him; that impact did. For sure.

Let’s just see what this can do.




More skulls for the skull throne!

“Ultimate Being, my ass.”


Next update: We’re finishing this.

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