Metal Gear Solid: Page 6

Meryl : Could there be wolves in there?

Wolf-dogs. Half-wolf, half-huskie.

Meryl : How do you know so much?

I’m a musher.

Meryl : Okay, I’ll take point again. Follow me.

So, we need to get there. Except there’s one small problem.

Those things. They don’t like Snake.

Meryl : What’s wrong, Snake? I thought you were good with dogs?
Oh, shut up.

This looks well.

If you want to blow yourself to hell, sure.

Listen to the voice of reason, Meryl.


Snake, asking the question we all want to know.

How convenient.

Just a little. Because I have a better idea.

Technology. It’s a wonderful thing.

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

Oh fuck fuck fuck! FUCK!

Meryl, get down!!!

(Meryl is shot in the leg.)

Meryl : Aaaaaahhhh!!

(Snake takes cover. Meryl is shot again, this time in her left leg.)

Meryl : Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

(She collapses in a pool of blood and tries to reach her gun. The sniper acts quickly and shoots her in the arm.)

Meryl : Aaaaaaaghhhh!!!

(Meryl gives up and lies on her back, bleeding badly. Snake tries to move towards her, but he is met by a bullet that hits the wall right near him.)

Meryl : Snake…. leave me and run…


Meryl : I guess… I am a rookie after all…

Don’t worry, Meryl. It’s me they want.

Meryl : Even I know that, it’s the oldest trick in the book. The sniper’s using me for bait to lure you out.


Meryl : Shoot me, Snake!!


Meryl : My gun… I can’t reach it by myself.

Don’t move!

Meryl : I promised… I wouldn’t slow you down! I… I… I can still help… I want to help you!

Quiet down! Save your strength!

Meryl : I was a fool, I wanted to be a soldier. But war is ugly… There’s nothing glamorous about it. Snake, please! Save yourself. Go on living and don’t give up on people! Don’t forget me… Now get out of here!
How can she help, I wonder.

Campbell : Meryl! Damn!! Snake, it’s a trap! Sniper’s trick to lure you out. The sniper’s waiting for you to go and help Meryl so he can pick you off… Don’t do it!
Well, I can fight fire with fire..

Naomi : It must be Sniper Wolf, FOX-HOUND’s best shooter.

Snipers usually work in pairs, but this one’s alone, huh?

Naomi : I know her. She can wait for hours, days, or weeks, it doesn’t matter to her. She’s just watching and waiting for you to expose yourself.

Maybe so, but Meryl can’t hold out that long…

Naomi : Snake, can you see Wolf from where you are?

There’s no where to hide between here and the tower… She must be on the second floor of the tower.

Campbell : If Wolf is in the Communications Tower, she can see you perfectly! It’s the classic sniper’s position!! At that distance you won’t be able to hit her with a standard weapon either! You’ll need a sniper rifle.

Colonel! Take it easy.

Campbell : ……

I’m going to save Meryl no matter what it takes.

Campbell : Okay, thanks.
I have remote-controlled missiles, cigarettes and a strong sense of senseless killing. LET’S ROCK!

Naomi : ……

What’s wrong, Naomi?

Naomi : Nothing… I’m just surprised you’re willing to sacrifice yourself… you’ve got the genes of a soldier, not a savior.

Trying to say that I’m only interested in saving my own skin?

Naomi : I wouldn’t go that far but…

I don’t know what the hell my genes look like and I don’t care. I operate on instinct.

Naomi : Like an animal?

I’m going to save Meryl. I don’t need an excuse.

Naomi : Okay…

And I’m not doing it for someone else either. I’m going to save Meryl by myself. Colonel, don’t worry!
But not if we keep talking like retards.

What will happen? Can Snake save the day and Meryl? Why doesn’t he just throw on stealth and pop Wolf in the back of the head?

Find out, next time.

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