The Middle of Nowhere

Where is the middle of nowhere? Is in the Midwest? California? Montana? No. It’s in South-Central Colorado. Well, this one is. Monte Vista. Potatoes. Fuck.

First of all, it’s 260 miles from Denver. Over some mountains, around some rivers, and down in a valley. The route I took, which is different from what the company told me to do, was mostly interstate with some 90 miles of highway. Very nice, mostly flat drive. No mountain passes and steep grades, nor tight turns and cliff edges. Finally in Monte Vista parked at a truck stop, nice and cozy for the night. Oh, I walked into a gas station to use the restroom after they were closed. Oops, you see me caring.

Fun Number One. A F***ING BROKER. Sign the bills before getting loaded! WTF IS THIS S***!!!!!!! The guy gave me pathetic directions and didnt even tell me the name of the company I was picking up at! I got lost. In Monte Vista, CO.  My dispatcher said he’d find out and get back to me. WTF EVER. Finally got directions to the shipper. Got Loaded. F***. Potatoes. Scale out, get paperwork done, and headed out.

Fun Number Two. I am retarded.

Fun Number Three.  Ever driven through mountains? It’s beautiful. IT SUCKS A** IN A TRUCK!!!!!!

Fun Number Four. Having “fun” yet?

Fun Number Five. I almost cooked my brakes coming off a pass on US 285 Poncha Pass. That was not fun. I hate steep grades. Let’s take a couple steps back for a minute….remember I said I came in on US 160? No, cause I didnt mention that. Well, Going North out of town, I am following the company’s directions cause they are shorter. Not better, Shorter. So, instead of being intelligent and taking a route I know, I take the company’s “short” route. It means i’m gonna get f***ed.

Fun Number Six. I get off US 285 and go East on US 50. All good and well, nice straight roads. No steep grades. Until….US 50 follows the Arkansas River through a canyon in the Sangre De Criston Mountains, which is part of the Rockies. I can tell you, cans i took pictures, of all the places I have driven in the US it is one of two of the most breath taking, stunning, absolutely gorgeous and beautiful areas I have seen. Aboslutely worth all the “fun” of this trip. Just phenomenal. I plan on taking a trip, in a car, back there so I can stay and enjoy it for more than a drive through.

What most travelers fail to see is our country’s beauty. It’s not in cites, it’s in small communities and rural, difficult to reach areas. We never even see them cause of all the trash and waste we discard where ever. I see creeks and ponds with tires, cans, and other crap in them. Cigarette butts too. WTF people!!! Keep it clean!

I did, however, find out that my truck has an overheating problem. F***! Well, back to the shop after this load. Headed to Des Moines, IA. Went through Denver last night, across Nebraska today. Wet and chilly. Beats snow! If you want a place to go for a vacation, go out there. Go West of Canon City, CO on US 50. You’ll see what I’m talkin about.

Be safe out there. And don’t litter. {Sign Out}

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