Whadda mean “Pretend To Cook”?

Welp, secret’s out. I work in a kitchen, as a cook, like one of the main. Yet, I hate doing it* for customers. But whatever, it pays for college, and that will land me this coveted “Real Job”. As I keep saying at work:

“God, I can’t wait until I’m a 9 to 5 asshole.”

And it’s true. I’ve worked at my job for a long long time. I’m 27 years old. I cannot support myself.

Let that sink in. As of this writing, April 21, 2009 I do not make enough to live on my own and go to college. I could drop higher education and work two dead-end jobs forever, and be able to live on my own, or I can go to college, get my brain back and land a job where I make enough to live comfortably.

Option B, please.

Now, when I’m at work, I do my job well. I’m probably one of the best people at my work, but it’s starting to get to me. I work full time. Full time nights and weekends. I have no social life because of my job, and I hate it. But, my favorite person wants to help me change that, and so it will be done. /derail The favorite person I speak of also told me something that’s going to stick with me and get me through to the end.

“You have so much potiential. Much more than I’ve seen from anyone here.”

She and I are really close friends and also go to college together. College is supposed to be the best 8 years of my life, but it’s not. We know this; since I’m slaving away on working five times a week. I’d be fine if it were 8-hour days. But no, it’s like 6 one day, five and a half the next, 10 then next, 10 the next, 7 the next. That’s my life five times a week. On one of my two days off, I’m in college for nine hours. So I have one day off a week.

People wonder why I pretend.

*By it, I mean cook professionally. When I cook for my staff, and one important person, I love to do it. Making people happy though my creations is cool. But fuck people who go out to eat. More on that in a future page.