Parasite Eve: Page 4

Here comes the next part of Day 2. There’ll be one more update, because there’s a wall of text at the end of the day. Shhhooo, with that out of the way, let’s roll.

Day 2: Fusion, Part 3.

Yes, just ignore the fact that everyone BUT Aya that has encountered that..thing has burned.


Hahaha, BURN! (Not literally, though)

Let’s just trust her. I would.

Let’s do it to it, gang!

Aya is quickly stopped by woman’s natural enemy: The snake.

You know, it’s kind of a good thing that Eve is here. Otherwise, Aya would probably be dead.

Suddenly we’re attacked by this thing. The big part of it acts like a death boomerang. Which is now a deatharang.

I’m retarded. This part screwed with me the first time through the game. There’s a key in this room.

These bastards can really grab you from a distance.

This reminded me of something.

That I’m freaking retarded.

But not as retarded as a RPG character. Hot or not.

This means nothing but good things! I swear! Often!

Because Santa’s brining you a baby brother, or sister.

This can only end well!

Nothing totally bad will happen here!

o. ogod. Reason 4? 5? this got a “M”?


There are reasons I don’t play this at night. This is not one of them.

Little ghost girl to the rescue.


Where did Eve go?

Again, the little ghost girl helps us. This tells me that Square thought that anyone over 17 was pretty dumb.

Big open space + RPG. This is ending well.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

We’ll stop there.
Next update: Eve does things to Aya that perved horny teenage boys would LOVE to do!

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