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Alright, let’s do this. This is the EX Game I’ve been promising. It’s only taken a couple of weeks to get it to you. Without further ado, let’s find out what the EX Game holds in store for us.

The first thing that’s different in the EX Game? We get additional Bonus Points at the end of the day. These are used to boost both your gun and your armor’s stats.

The next thing? The Chrysler Building is open. I won’t be going there for a long time.

*insert the game here, up until Day 4.*

Looks like something’s going down at the Chrysler Building. We’re still not ready.

*insert the rest of the game up until the earthquake in the museum*

Going up those stairs, as you remember lets me face Eve. We’re not doing that this time. This image is the POINT OF NO RETURN. If I cross it, we complete the normal game. Let’s go level grind.


PROTIP: Any level after 38 in Parasite Eve only requires 4500 EXP to level up. I abuse this.

*Grind until Level 50*

Alright, I’m now at a point where we’re gonna run though this.

Welcome to hell. Hell has shiny floors.

And requires keys for elevators.

Hell is also 60-something floors of randomized hell. (Every 10th floor has a floor plan, and the last 7..well, you’ll see.)

This is an item room. The item rooms here have good stuff.

This is just one example.

This is the elevator. It also requires a key.

I am protected.

Every 10 floors is a boss monster. Floor 10 just happens to be our friendly giant spider.

Bosses also drop these keys. These keys let you work the elevators! This key can get me up to floor 10!

Some item rooms contain these. They are fucking gold dust. They let you mod a weapon and NOT lose the weapon you’re taking stats from.

I enter and exit this pace a lot. Here’s the elevator.

Some rooms contain THESE! These are also gold dust. They’re only found here, so you can’t get them on your first run through. What do they do?

Two slots for the price of one!

Floor 20 is a pair of our Gators.

Some item rooms contain these. They drop either bullets or Revives!

Floor 30 is the centipede boss from earlier. He dies quickly, but each segment can inflict darkness.

“You got a PSG-1? You can use that against Sniper Wolf! Hurry up and save Meryl!” Oops, wrong game.

Floor 40 is our favorite Triceratops. This is where I start to say “Fuck it” and use Liberate.

Floor 50 is a gigantic cockroach. That’s just one of the BILLION in New York. Imagine if Eve did this to all of them.

Collecting enough of the rare cards gets us this. Unlimited use of normal tools!

The weapons in the game are named after real guns. I just thought it was neat, because this was a good gun in MGS. There’s no SOCOM for Aya, though.

The little Squirrel guy is a pain, but it drops some good healing items.

Floor 60 is the Crab from the warehouse. On crack. He moves much faster, and his attacks are better. Too bad I have a gun with 350 attack power and can use Liberate on him. He died pretty quickly.

Floor 70 (thank you God) is a gigantic Queen Bee. Liberate and shoot here. Move along.

OH YEAH!! This let me make an armor with over 300 defense and resistances to every status attack.







77. You notice it gets thicker as Aya gets nearer to the top. What awaits us?

A gross egg thing?

A little girl?
Aya : My…my eye’s !!

Little girl : No… I really AM here. What you’re seeing isn’t an illusion…

Aya : M,Maya ?

Little Girl :…

Aya : You are Maya, aren’t you ?

Little Girl : Hahaha… You’re wrong again… I’m the Original Eve.

Aya : ORIGINAL ? EVE ? What do you mean ?

Eve : The mitochondria of Melissa was transplanted from this young body. Hans Klamp gave my cornea to you, and after giving the kidney to Melissa… he continued to culture my liver cells in order to study the original…me… As Melissa’s body was giving birth to the Ultimate Being, I made my nest here… Just in case Melissa or the Ultimate Being failed… at least the purebred would survive.

Aya : Then your body’s…

Eve : This body belongs to your sister… it’s been cultured from the real thing.

Aya : No ! That’s not true !

Eve : Haha… Wanna chat with your sister ?

Aya : Wha…?

Then Eve temporarily rests, leaving Maya’s real body talk to Aya.

Maya : Who… Who are you ?

Aya :… Maya, it’s me… do you…

Maya : How do you know my name ? Where’s mom and dad ? Where’s Aya…?

Aya : Are… you really Maya ?

Maya : I… I was in the car with mom and… and then my body got really hot… Wh, where am I ?! I have to go home !!! I have to ! Aya’s waiting for me…

Aya : I’m here, Maya !

Maya : It’s…! It’s getting HOT again !!!

Aya : Maya !

Eve has returned.

Aya : Maya !!! Answer me !!!

Eve : Hmph… Sorry to break up the reunion.

Aya : Eve ?!

Eve : Did you have a nice time reminiscing ?

Aya : Eve…!

Eve : Hmph… You challenge me ? A purebred ? Just remember… The body belongs to your sister…

Huh. She strangely looks like..

We shoot at..er..Eve.

PROTIP: Don’t shoot Eve while the Maya’s are on screen. They’ll heal her for 1000, and then go up by 1000 more each time.

Shooting’s kind of boring.


It didn’t seem to take her out. So I did it again!


Uh oh. (I’m doing this in screen shot from for a little bit. This part was really well done.)



Eve : Until a while ago, Maya’s body had the most evolutionary form of mitochondria. But now… Your mitochondria has surpassed Maya’s… I am now the highest form of mitochondria ever present !

Aya : They’re completing…?!

Eve : That’s what evolution is all about. Survival of the fittest, eh…? Humans are the same. All knowledge and technology… You see, it’s all about competition. In war, you use that knowledge and technology to determine who will survive. It’s the same in the animal kingdom where they tear their prey apart…

Aya : S, stop it !

Eve : Impossible… we have survived war. The time has come for us to be released.
Not that I’m complaining, but what’s with the non-happy endings in this game?

What in the hell?

Eve : What ?! Are there others, too ?! Other than you and I ?!
…NO !!!

Aya : Maya ?!

Maya : This place belongs to me and Aya !

Eve : Urgh !

Maya : You’re not going to interfere !!! I won’t let you !!!

Eve : N, NO !!!

Maya : I…

Do you see what’s going on? (Screenshot from again)

What in the hell just went on here?

Aya : My body… It’s back to normal… before Eve came along… Before I came to have all that power… Maya… I’ve been waiting… I’ve always been waiting for you to come home with mom… And I’ve always been looking for the other “me”… But you’ve always been with me, haven’t you…? ALWAYS… All this time…

She turns back.

Aya : Let’s go home, Maya. Let’s go back for good…
What. In. The. Hell?

Wait. This doesn’t make sense, either.



Wait. This doesn’t make sense. At all.

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