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I’ve thrown around the title before, in various postings on the internets. It’s a great title from some little company. They used to like to call themselves “Squaresoft”. Or something like that. It’s like a Survival Horror/RPG hybrid, with lots and lots and lots of pretty FMVs. It was called “The Cinematic RPG”, and it earned that title, for sure. Get ready for one hell of a ride.

Oh, hay, this game got a M rating in 1998. Although the graphics and FMVs are pretty mild, what happens during them quite exactly isn’t.

Let’s do this. Each ‘Chapter’ of the game is a day of game time. Meaning we could be done in a week. But that’s not happening.

Day 1: Resonance

This is what happens when you start the game and don’t mash the “Start” butan.

Alright, let’s do this!

Arrgh! I just want to play the damned game!!

Who is this girl? Girls can’t be main characters unless they have She seems average in that department.

Oh. Hay. She’s a popo. And my age. Giggity giggity. (We’ll just pretend that she hasn’t aged since 1997.)

I think he’s just trying to get into her dress. NOT THAT I BLAME HIM. But, that’s what I think.
lol, Okay. I had a horny teenage boy eye for Aya.

Yeah. This is loads of fun.


She eyes Aya for some reason.

Let’s see what happens!
Oh. ogod. That wasn’t supposed to happen at all.

Stills from the FMV. Aya has a total “Fire, fire, FIRE! Huh huh huh!” look going on there.

This is totally mild.

She’s totally a top.

What the hell is floaty bat-shit-insane talking about?

This is how battle works in Parasite Eve. You’re free to roam, as are you foes.

Anything within this semi-sphere is in range for Aya to shoot.


What’s the floaty-bat-shit-insane actress talking about?

Moving around allows you to dodge attacks. Making this more realistic than, say, Final Fantasy (Any).

“Eve”? Like as in “Adam and Eve”?


What did that have to do with anything?

Aya gives chase!

Aya, being a good cop, heads to the front door.

Wait? Where could she have hid a badge? Or a gun? I know women have more hiding spots than men, but that’s getting old.

Yes. Exactly where I thought. What a nice hiding spot. Things are probably happy there. Cleavage is fun.

I like his one track mind. “Who cares. So long as I’m on the TeaVee!”

This is the only useful person out here. Let’s go back and go down the hole.
Wait. When I say “Let’s” I mean “I”. I play. You watch. There isn’t much involvement here.

Aya jumps and lands on her feet. In heels.

Not only are we dealing with a bat-shit-insane floaty, but ghosts, too.

Oh. Hi, little rat.

What’s wrong, little rat?

Let’s see what happens to the rat!
o. ogod. I’m starting to remember why I put this game down.

FMV stills. Ain’t it pretty?

This, I want to know, Aya.

It dies. But not without telling us something about ‘Melissa’.
Actress: M… Melissa… She’s a… monster…

Aya: Don’t try to talk now. Melissa?… Melissa… You mean the main actress!

Actress: She probably got to Suzanne… too. You’ll have to stop… her…

Aya: No…! Please! Wake up! Hang in there…!

Actress: …..

Fuckin’ Clowns. I wish you could kill, or at least maim NPCs.

The clown died as he lived. A complete laughing stock, and completely retarded.

Thanks, Aya.

It’s just covered with a little charred flesh. Nothing major.

Oddly enough, the parrot doesn’t seem to be affected.

Phones are your save points in Parasite Eve.

Let’s read it!
November 3 /Mon/
The Christmas show is set. This has been my dream! The main actress has a solo concert at the theater in Central Park. I took all that medication to get here. I HAVE to get the lead part! I’ll even sell my soul to the devil if I have to.

November 17 /Mon/
The cast was announced and Suzanne and I are double cast. I want to play the part alone, but everyone knows she’s good…

November 21 /Fri/
I think I’m overdoing it. My body is getting hotter than ever for some reason. I’d better take more medicine.

December 6 /Sat/
I collapsed today. I lost consciousness after my body got hot. I don’t care if I die. I just want to get through this show.

December 10 /Wed/
I passed out again… They told me to go to the doctor and get some rest. If this continues, Suzanne will definitely take my part. I need to get better. I’d better take a lot of medication tonight.

December 11 /Th/
Suzanne was burned in an apartment fire. Is it because I wanted the part so bad? God, forgive me…

December 17 /Wed/
It looks like I’ll be the lead. I’d better take more medication and work it.

December 23 /Tu/
Opening night. Everything went smoothly. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We should have the biggest crowd of the season. And… I have the solo concert the next day at the park. But I’m not feeling well. I’d better shape up if I want to get through this. I’d better take more medication.

This is New York, sweetie. Anything goes.

More looting!



This must be a prop room.

ogod! (So, I forgot to cap where the crack in the wall went. I got normal armor. Which is worse than Good armor.)

Uh oh. We remember what happened last time she ‘got hot’.

She gets violent.

ogod, where the hell?

Huh? Before we get the chance to think.


Is it just me, or is Aya moody? That time of the month?

What’s so important about this scene?

Look, sewers. That explains the rats.

Little ghost girl shows us the exit.

Screw that. I want loot.

ogod. (There was no video for these things.)

Forward we (we, as in I) go.

Uh oh. What’s gonna happen to Aya?

Oh, what the hell? I want to know now.

What on earth is she going on about?

Seems as though she’s hit a snag. Let’s take this chance to..


ogod, what the hell is that?

Oh look, a freaking gator! Evolved. Ready to have a hot hottie lunch.

That’s good information.

Once the tail has been hit enough, the head can be hit, allowing Aya to kill this freak of nature.

This is going to be an interesting game.

Oh, look. The teavee!

Dude, she said leave her alone.

Big black guy from nowhere! Awesome.

Apparently, they know each other.

For sure, “dude”.

Like an animal. I don’t care what the hell my genes say.
Wait. Wrong game.

You could say that. Yes. Hundreds of people suddenly catch fire within the first five minutes of game play.

What’s so important about when she was in the hospital?

Yes. Aya sleeps with her eyes open after muttering to herself.

No foreshadowing here.

This update was extremely large. Six videos and over 200 images. I apologize for that. I just want to re-create the experience of playing this for the first time. Rush through the intro, then slow down on the rest. Future updates will be smaller.

Let me know if this works for you.

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