We’re done with the Wind Waker as of right now. Well, more accurately, once you view this awesome video. This one has the quality cranked up to insane levels. I also recorded it losslessly; I wanted this one to be the best one I produced.

Lets end this game right.
Let's end this game right.
It’s been fun, really.

Videos: 63, 12.33 GB
Initial Update: July 22, 2008
Final Update: January 21, 2009
Number of Updates: 66


The true penultimate video is here. There is only one more left. If you’re current with the runthrough, be sure to watch the last video I’ll be uploading soon. As for now, this video takes a look at the Sea Chart, and what treasures are out there.

Map squares are good times.
Map squares are good times.

Let’s wrap up a little bit more.

Alright, we gots us another video today. One of the more mundane ones, but it’s one where people could get caught up. That’s what it and the next video are here. I didn’t find a preview image, instead, I made one. It sums up my feelings about this accurately.

Watch it, youll understand.
Watch it, you'll understand.

Alright, last Windfall Island video.

For now. This video is special. First, it took five tries to upload to the internet. My connection would drop part way through. Last time it dropped, it was at 92%. So, now that it’s here, it has a problem. The BGM is too soft. But you like my voice, right?

Were getting there!
We're getting there!