Final Fantasy V: Page 7

I actually stopped at a decent cliffhanger this time. Let’s find out what happens.

Nope, it’s another wild black chocobo.

But strange energy is awesome. You could, for example, use it to power up the airship some more.

Do I sense a retarded fetch quest coming on?

I do!

Alright, mang.


These bitches are annoying. If you kill one, they can revive another one. They cast Life2. They can cast it up to three times. So, it’s like you kill a lot more than six.

Doesn’t really look like a monster, but okay.


Haha, that’s what I thought. Bitch.

That you do, mang. We’ll overlook the fact you made the airship go, and then made it better.

Gee, is it another boss?!

Why, yes it is!

Do you see it, or should Cid explain?


This looks friendly.

God damnit, hurry up. There’s something I want to document in the next world.




Butte, you’re losing the awesomness that I wrote about you.

Zoom zoom zoom!

An island. We got sent to an island. We’re so toatally fucked.
This is where a LOT of people get confused with the game and put it down.
PROTIP: The monsters here drop an item called ‘Tent’. Think about it.

Let’s just chillax, guys. Nothing better to do right now.

Because when you chillax, a scripted scene starts.

Good question, Pirate-Ninja-Captain.

Ah, okay.


Huh. What’s in here. Perhaps means to get off of this rock.

Insert fart joke here.

Where the hell?

“The Great Mirror”? Is that some kind of weapon.
Also, did they say “Big Bridge”?

Even the bad guy is awesome, in his own demented way.

What could it mean?

What’s going on?

Oh dear, what could this decision be?

! Damn, if I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it more: Galuf is fucking awesome.

The bad guy’s sidekick?

Does Gilgamesh look like he wants to?

They have the dragon things in this world, too?

This section of the game is supposed to be a challenge. Since you’re by yourself.

Yes. You read that right.

Your worst nightmare.

Say hello to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh has the fine tradition of being the main badguy’s flunkie sidekick, and comic relief.
PROTIP: After this encounter, steal from Gilgamesh. You get good stuff.

S’alright, mang.

Tactical. Espionage. Action.

Is that a bridge I see? Could it be the “Big Bridge”?

Prepare for the most awesome update of the game, and every one of my threads.

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