Super Metroid: Page 3

I promise a picture of Suitless Samus.

If you last remember, we left Sammy staring down the mouth of an ugly..thing. Fuck exploring right now, we wanna see where this goes.

Thread delivers.

So, we seem to be in some plant level, behind the mouth thing. I promise that there is no noticeable way out of this room. Totally.

You know, or not.

Fuck fuck fuck. Big ugly thing that wants to kill me. This guy can block missiles with his deformed little hands. He can also fling projectiles. AND he can launch spikes from his belly. This doesn’t have to make sense, it’s on another planet.

Too bad he dies quickly.

Oh hell yes! This suit protects us from heat, and it protects us better. It also changes Samus’ color and makes her impervious to the wooing of the male bounty hunters.

This was locked before. It has some little fuckers that need missiles to kill, and an energy tank.

A dead end. Oh well. Let’s kill these guys and…


Run, run, or you’ll be well done!

FUCK YES!!!! Now Sammy can run from the Space Popo faster. Fuck the Space Popo.

We can probably beat the Flash in a race.

I can’t go this way. Even with the Varia suit, that lava will still burn. Time to go back and..

..find something that would have been -wonderful- about 10 minutes ago.


We go back to where I couldn’t go up in the last update, freezing stuff along the way.

And making it to the top, riding on frozen critters.

I totally don’t know what I’m doing here. I just like to blow random shit up.

And find another damned plant level. Fuck plants.

OH HOLY FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blowing up the wall next to it leads to a missile upgrade.

And here we are. Back to square one. Where do we go next? Explore and open the new doors that lie before us? Or do we trudge forward to one of the most wonderful section of the game. Ever.

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